‘Your America’ by Tom MacDonald: Negative Ideologies from the Left


It appears that Tom MacDonald has chosen a side at last.

The anti-woke rapper decries woke culture, contentious media, and efforts to restrict free speech in his tracks. All of that appeals to conservatives, but the rapper frequently adopts a nonpartisan perspective in his rhymes.

He rejects the attempts by the media and politicians to polarize Americans. It’s possible that philosophy has passed its prime.

The sequel to the explosive “American Flags,” “Your America,” reunites MadDonald and Adam Calhoun. For a slower song that raises a lot of contentious subjects, the rebel vocalists somewhat dial back the ire from their last duet.

  • speech restraint
  • Second Amendment announced by drag queens

The latter provides a link to “Flags,” the rapper’s most intense song thus far in his early career.

The song mentions the two political parties, implying that while one may be flawed, the other is detrimental to the nation.

The lyrics are self-explanatory:

Mr. Tom McDonald

Drag queens for kids have been performing in our schools, thanks to you.
Although we feel it is not acceptable, you insist it is
Children and the intricacies of gender will never mix
When women using the pronouns he/her shoot up schools

I’m not a republican, but they seem to be making logic, so keep it up.
The Left is where the most damaging ideals are coming from.
I believe that Black lives matter, whereas they believe that White lives matter less.
And LGBTQ became WTF.

To the Democrats: I have nothing against liberals, but the individuals who are representing you are communists and crooks.
They have started World War III, and we are still shipping missiles.
They want America to be sad, not great.

You can attempt to set the city on fire and scream until you become lightheaded.
You may remove everyone and everything from it, but it won’t be your America.

Adam Calhoun says

You can attack someone or burn the flag.
You can put on a mask and claim to be progressive.
I have the First and Second Amendments, don’t forget that

The current president lost, although I suppose he won since the prior president was jailed
Pedophiles are all protected while children are assaulted
And if you are pregnant, you can always murder a baby.
People are so feeble, feel free to kneel.

And you’re so speechless that, God forbid, you disagree.
Even the definition of virtue signaling is beyond me.
Young guys now produce memes instead of fighting in battles
I’m very sure the idea is to split us up.
I’ve got a pistol with me just in case sht hits the fan. And how the f** the year’s top woman?

Mr. Tom McDonald

You claimed that we had been spreading falsehoods.

But you think the news every night is telling the truth.

You advised us to put an end to our fighting.

But you’re the ones who fuel the nation’s resentment and division.

You said we were more insane than you

But every one of our conspiracies is coming true.

You can attempt to set the city on fire and scream until you become lightheaded.

You may remove everyone and everything from it, but it won’t be your America.


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