Wives of Sisters On their anniversary, Kody told Meri that he had “never going to happen”—he had “no desire” to be with her


In the ‘Sister Wives’ episode airing on Sunday, Meri and Kody discussed their somewhat awkward dinner for their 32nd anniversary and their future together.

During a less-than-ideal time, Kody Brown made his emotions about Meri Brown—and their marriage—very apparent.

In the Sister Wives episode airing on Sunday, Kody, 54, and Meri, 52, reflected on the celebration of their recent 32nd anniversary. Even though they went out to eat together in the end, Kody didn’t acknowledge the significant relationship achievement until Meri called.

“It’s not like he texted or called me. I thought perhaps I should just give him a call in the middle of the day. I did as a result,” she said to the cameras. “I said to him, ‘Hey,’ and he replied, ‘Hey.'” I then wished them a happy anniversary. “Oh, happy anniversary,” he says. I say, “Let’s go for a drive or to dinner, or something.” How do you feel? He is like, ‘I’m watching the kids. Let me check with Robin.

Kody stated that he “needed some time” and ” required an excuse to have been able to say no” to Meri in a different confessional.

“I simply wasn’t sure it was the correct thing fer me to do, and I needed to think over that,” he said.

But Kody answered Meri’s phone back and recommended they get out to supper. Meri was even picked up from her house by him earlier. Even while everything seemed to be going well, Kody’s comment about “faking relationships” changed the course of events. Meri told him that she wasn’t pretending, but Kody answered, “I have no idea why you’d even continue to call and wish happy anniversary, Meri,” Meri stated.

“I say, ‘We are celebrating our anniversary.'” He’s desire, ‘But we’re not married,'” she recalled, as if he was trying to backpedal. “He stopped before he goes, ‘But we’re not residing as a married couple.'”

Since Meri had no idea how Kabir felt about their relationship, the incident in question turned out to be “a big realization” for her. However, Kody believed that he had previously made the effort to make things work when they “were in such a bad place” a few years prior.

It appeared as though the love was gone. I became persuaded that perhaps I should try to heal it through therapy and, you know, the advice of my other wives,” he stated to the cameras. It just didn’t appear like it was going to succeed, even though I took a long time to try and see if it would. At that point, I believed I had to give up.”

Cut to their 32nd anniversary dinner, during which Meri remembered Kody telling her, “Meri, I don’t want to be in an affair with you. ‘Don’t you understand, Meri?’ he said. There is no way that this will occur. I do not wish to become involved in your life.”

“Those are phrases I’ll never forget. He’s never said anything like this to me before,” she remarked. “I found that to be really, really unpleasant. My heart began to race because I thought, “But you promised.”

During a recent episode of Sister Wives: One on One, Meri revealed that her union to Kody was over. Later, in January, they jointly released an Instagram statement announcing their split.

Not long after her third wife Janelle Brown broke up with their shared husband, she announced her split from Kody. Prior to it, in November 2021, the patriarch of the Brown family divorced his third wife, Christine Brown. He is currently monogamously married to Robyn Brown, his fourth wife.

At the conclusion of Sunday’s show, Meri started thinking about her future plans and whether or not Kody will play a role in them.

The woman in business wants to be “opening and truthful” about the present state of affairs between the long-term couple. She expressed disagreement with Kody’s request to “keep this between us,” saying, “I’m willing to go the rest of my life hiding the simple fact that this is the manner that our romance is and hiding the fact you’ve said to me i don’t want to be in a relationship with me.”

She declared in a confessional, “This is my account, too, so I have the right to tell my story.” Essentially, I see two possibilities: keep living my life as I have been for the last eight years or so—that is, as a very beautiful, fierce, independent person who is legally married to someone but you mean emotionally not? I’m able to continue doing it. Alternatively, I can end it. I can move on and finish it off by taking the necessary actions.”

Meri explained, “I did not wed Kody and enter into this lifelong promise just to be like, ‘Mmm, that’s not working for us,'” so calling it quits doesn’t sit well with her morals. I believe I’ll give up.

“At this point, I have no idea what to say about it,” she said. “I’m not sure how to handle that.


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