With the series finale, “Jack Ryan” climbs the streaming chart


For the fourth consecutive week, “Suits” holds the top spot overall and continues its record-breaking pace.

Meanwhile, Suits continues to dominate the rankings for acquired series, breaking the record for the most library shows to debut in a single week on the chart for the third time in a row. Additionally, Bluey reached its first billion-minute week thanks to the addition of new episodes on Disney+.

The final two episodes of Jack Ryan were released over the week of July 10–16, and this resulted in 1.15 billion minutes of viewing on Amazon Prime Video. The television show increased by 19% from the 966 million minutes viewed the previous week to reach its biggest weekly total since the binge release of season three in late December 2022, which had 1.67 billion minutes of viewing.

Suits surpassed its own total of 3.67 billion from a week earlier and had just about 3.7 billion minutes of viewing time on Netflix and Peacock, the biggest performance ever for an acquired series according to Nielsen’s rankings. The former USA Network program has notched up 12.83 billion viewing minutes since its June 23 Netflix debut.

The well-liked children’s program had 1.35 billion minutes of viewing thanks to a fresh batch of Bluey episodes, which is a record high for Disney+. The Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix (1.28 billion) finished #1 among original programs and third overall despite a modest decline from its 1.41 billion minute opening week.

Quarterback, a docuseries on Netflix, had a successful launch with 853 million minutes of viewing time, and The Summer’s second season also Turned Pretty contributed to the show’s 525 million minute audience.

The minutes viewed on computers or mobile devices are not included in Nielsen’s streaming ratings, which solely account for viewing on TVs. Only American audiences, not those in other nations, are measured by the ratings. Below are the top streaming movies for July 10–16.


  • 3.7 billion minutes of Suits (Netflix/Peacock) viewing
  • Bluey (1.35 billion; Disney+)
  • The Lincoln Lawyer (1.28 billion) on Netflix
  • Jack Ryan, 1.15 billion on Prime Video
  • Quarterback (853 million), Netflix
  • The Out-Laws, 840 million on Netflix
  • NCIS (828 million), Netflix/Paramount+
  • Grey’s Anatomy (802 million) on Netflix
  • The Witcher (669 million) on Netflix
  • Cocomelon (648 million) on Netflix

Original Series

  • The Lincoln Lawyer, 1.28 trillion seconds
  • 1.15 billion for Jack Ryan.
  • Wide receiver, 853 million
    The Witcher, 669,000,000
  • The Summer I Turned Pretty (525 million views on Prime Video)
  • The Bear (524 million) on Hulu
  • Is It Cake, Too? (456 million) on Netflix
  • Black Mirror, 370 million (Netflix)
  • Secret Invasion (347 million), Disney+
  • Hack My Home (346 million) on Netflix

Purchased Series

  • 3.7 billion minutes of suits
  • 1.35 billion Bluey
  • 828 million for NCIS
    Grey’s Anatomy, with 802 million viewers
    Fifth, 648 million; Cocomelon
  • SWAT (612 million) (Hulu/Netflix/Paramount+)
  • Heartland, 510 million (Hulu/Netflix/Peacock).
    Eighth place: The Big Bang Theory (Max), 497 million
  • 460 million for Supernatural (Netflix).
  • Outlander (446 million) on Netflix


  • First, 840 million minutes of The Out-Laws
  • 65, 604 million (Netflix)
  • Netflix/Peacock’s Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, 565 million
  • Bird Box Barcelona, 384 million (Netflix)
  • Titanic (294 million) on Netflix
  • Transformer: Rise of the Beasts, 241 million at Paramount+
  • Netflix’s Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, with 210 million viewers
  • Moana (209 million, Disney+)
  • The Tutor, 203 million on Netflix
  • Disney+/Max’s Avatar: The Way of Water, 165 million copies


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