With a “Epic Barn Dance Party,” Derek Hough weds Hayley Erbert in a “Regal” Redwood Woods wedding


Erbert tells PEOPLE that he and Hough will “love one another until the final moment of time” following their wedding on Saturday in the northern part of California.

The couple that comprises the pair Derek Hough and Hannah Erbert is legally wed.

In front of 106 guests, the former contestants of Dancing with the Stars got married on Saturday in Monterey County, California.

Erbert tells PEOPLE, “We’re in a redwood forest, but right in front of us this mother tree that’s encircled by all these younger trees. “They scatter every seed, and it grows such as an army of kids to guard the mother. Its symbolism was exquisite. We are here to start our family by sowing seeds.

The event began on Thursday without a welcome party at a stunning cliffside house in Carmel, which Erbert, 28, had arranged with the aid of Just Troy Lifestyle + Events. It’s among the most beautiful sites, claims Hough. “It’s just like a fairytale.”

The next day, the happy pair had an outdoor rehearsal dinner with family, friends, and the wedding party. Hough, 38, characterized the event as “a big love fest,” and family members gave speeches for the couple.

The bride and groom made emotional vows during their emotional marriage ceremony, which was conducted by Hough’s brother-in-law. Erbert accessorized a bespoke Marchesa duchess satin gown by Georgina Chapman with an extended veil, blusher, and jewelry by Ring Expert. Erbert praises her outfit, describing it as “all very just classic, timeless.” Hough donned a Brooks Brothers suit to the reception and a Tom Ford suit to the wedding. Paris Jewellers made both the couple’s wedding rings and Erbert’s unique diamond engagement ring.

Erbert entered the event to an original rendition of Richard Walters’ “Unconditional” (which Walters had rewritten and recorded especially for the pair). “He’s going to weep for sure. I am likely about that,” Erbert asserts. “Honestly, we both. We’re gonna be a disaster, I tell you!”

Following the wedding, attendees went to the reception, which was hosted in a century-old barn. The decor, which included blooms by In Blume, stationery by Minted, and Signature chandeliers, gave off a “regal” but “rustic” atmosphere. Theoni offered rentals for the celebration while the Jordan Kahn Music Company played.

Numerous of the couple’s popular acquaintances, including Bob and Kym Herjavec, Val Chmerkovskiy, Julianne Hough, Abby Johnson, Frieda Pinto, Amy Purdy, Maria Menounos, Shawn Johnson, Nina Dobrev, and Shaun White, were in attendance to celebrate the couple’s special day.

Which is vital to us? was the question we addressed ourself when considering a place, according to Hough. “The first thing I saw was nature. We prefer to be surrounded by plants and trees, and Northern California was sort of called to us.

Dinner choices included steak, sardines, and a vegetarian, while guests savored nibbles and Casamigos drinks. The couple decided on a dessert bar and a Kelly Gray Cakes huckleberry lavender cake. Erbert’s favourite cheeseburger and tomato soup shooters, small corn dogs, and seasoned fries were among the late-night goodies that both Haugh and Erbert were really looking forward to. She declares, “Our eating is one of the things that that I’m really excited about!”

The newlyweds, who got engaged in June of last year, danced together for the first time to Forrest Blakk’s song “Fall Into Me” on an antique mirror floor where a low-ground fog machine had produced a “pure magic moment.” They both act professionally, yet they both concur with each other that they want something straightforward for They concur that they desired something straightforward for that big occasion.

“I’ll say this, though; it’s so lovely. Prior to the wedding, Hough told PEOPLE, “I think everyone is expecting us to put on a show and dance the night away. The thing is, when we make a living, we go out stage, dance, and do things. So for us, it seems particularly noteworthy for us to not perform. laying on the floor together, enjoying some music, and being present.

Erbert switched into a custom-made lace dress by Marchesa that featured a tulle skirt and detachable train for the reception.

Andrew Ballas, Hough’s partner on Dancing with the Stars, served as his best man. Hough or Erbert apiece had six attendants and groomsmen. They started off their engagement with a “epic” bachelors and bachelorette party.

“The event lasted for six days, and it was intense. I’m talking about an escape room on a yacht, a neon dance party, and Survivor-style obstacle courses. According to Hough, it was the most crazily spectacular thing.

The honeymoon will thereafter take place in Italy as follows: “We’ve never been. I mean, I participated in a competition, but that’s about it. We’ve never had a proper experience with it. Therefore, it’s fantastic since it will be a destination we can explore altogether for the very first time, adds Hough. “And we’re traveling all over, stopping at places like Lake Como, Positano, the Amalfi Coast, Rome, Tuscany, and Florence. We’re making every effort.

Hough is taking in the process of cementing the agreement along with what it means to be Erbert’s spouse as they anticipate an eternity together.

“It has quite fascinating that one tiny piece of brass may bring to a person’s whole image and your whole outlook on everything that you do, and all of once it’s sort of like, oh, there’s an obligation that I bring on my all the time,” he adds. “It’s a powerful thing to want to be a man, to live up to that promise every day for that person, for yourself, and for others.” It’s quite lovely. So, for me, I’m looking forward to continuing to strive to be that man every day for her, our animals, and our future family.”

It’s a dream come true for Erbert to be able to waltz through life with his wife.

“We stopped by Disneyland a pair of weeks back, there was the prettiest little old couple swing dancing.” There was a band performing, and I thought, that’s very cool. “I want to accomplish it once we’re older,” she says. “That’s what I’m looking forward to: performing until the end of existence together and love each other until the end of time.”

Hough continues, “Let’s keep the lovely adventure going.”

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