Why Are Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Divorcing? On the Split Inside


After four years of marriage, the musician reportedly recently filed for dissolution from the actress. Learn more about the causes of their separation here.

TMZ reports that Joe Jonas, who 34, and Soph Turner, 27, are regrettably divorcing after a decade of marriage. A few days after it was initially reported that the singer and actress were having marital problems, on September 5, according to records obtained by the site, they both filed for divorce. Many fans are still perplexed by the stunning breakup, wondering exactly what went wrong between the once blissful couple, who are also the parents of two girls. Learn more about the potential causes of the couple’s separation and how it may have affected their lives by reading on.

Why Are Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Divorcing?

On September 3, it was initially revealed that the couple had been experiencing “serious problems” in the union for six months. He prefers to stay in while she enjoys going out. They lead quite dissimilar lives, the person claimed. Joe was in touch with two divorce attorneys in Los Angeles, California, it was also disclosed. Several sources claim that Joe declared his union to the former Game of Thrones actor to be “irretrievably broken,” and that when he filed for divorce, he requested joint custody of their two children, Willa, 3, and their infant, whose name they have not yet publicly confirmed.

What Elements Decided Them To Split?

It was said that Joe and Sophie were “at a crossroads” in their marriage three months prior to Joe’s filing. At the time, a person with knowledge told In Touch that “things are tense” between them. The two currently have a lot on their plates. The conflict between them is understandable. But because of their love for one another, all of their relatives and friends are convinced that they will overcome whatever obstacle they face.

However, Sophie’s attendance at the Jonas Brothers concert’s opening night on August 12 raised doubts about the narrative. Onstage during their performance on September 3, Joe was still donning his wedding band.

What Kind Of Parenting Order Will There Be For Joseph & Sophie’s Children?

According to rumors, Willa and her younger sister have been living with Joe in Miami, Florida, although sharing parenting responsibilities between the two parties is in the children’s best interests. Their responsibility arrangement is secret, save from the rumor that Joe is requesting shared custody in his divorce petition.

A prenuptial agreement was apparently signed by Joe and Sophie just before saying “I do.” However, the details of the deal haven’t yet been released, so it is unknown exactly how, if at all, Joe and Sophie would divide their assets. According to sources close to the couple, part of the agreement would let Joe keep the royalties from both DNCE and the Jonas Brothers, and Sophie will maintain her acting salary.

The sources added that Sophie and Joe’s property will continue to be held in their individual names. The divorce between Joe and Sophie has not yet been discussed in the media.


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