While grinning on The Voice, Kayley Bishop was actually dealing with serious marital issues: “I Wasn’t Even Living” (Release Only)


According to the country artist, who is known for the track “Hold on Honey,” I knew precisely what I had to say about the girl in this song. After 30 minutes, I composed it.

On March 13, 2024, Kayley Bishop will play live in Nashville. IKE EVERARD

It’s rare for Kayley Bishop to address someone by their true name.

In an upcoming conversation with folks, Bishop laughed and admitted, “I usually tend to have nicknames for my people.” I refer to them as “darling,” “nugget,” and “honey.” To be really honest, I feel like it comes naturally to me. Each of us has our own language, in a way. I believe it’s just an excess of my empathy.

This sentiment inspired the season 15 finalist of The Voice to discuss the delicate undertones found in her latest single, “Hold on Honey,” an imposing beauty that she started penning in the fall of 2022.

Bishop, 34, recalls, “I had been hired to write the melody by Tyler Hall of Song House.” They recently assigned me the task of writing a letter to the 19–23-year-old version of myself.

Bishop identified particular memories of that age range since it was during that exact period when she experienced a personal emotional roller coaster.

Bishop continues, “I wed at 23 and met my current spouse at 19, and we got divorced in the year 2020 after a decade of marriage.” This song has exactly the right words for that girl. Thirty minutes later, I wrote it. It truly appeared to fall out of the sky. Really, I think it descended from heaven and landed.

Even though Bishop claims to have written “Hang on Honey” for other people, she now acknowledges that she actually wrote it for herself. She murmurs, “It ended up being kind of a hymn to that girl who I used to be.”

March 13, 2024, in Nashville; Kayley Bishop. IKE EVERARD

Shortly after composing it, Bishop started performing this anthem on the road, and each time, she got approached by people moved by its poetic reassurance.

Bishop of “Hold on Honey” claims that not a single person in the crowd has ever been left unshakable by the song. I can’t even begin to count the number of times people have come up to me crying and said things like, “This is my song,” and “How did you discover my life?” I also don’t know how they live. At that point, songwriting transcends your personal narrative and becomes more universal.

The music video for “Hold on Honey,” which debuted exclusively on PEOPLE, now highlights the song’s significance even further. Bishop worked with Nashville’s Recovery Church to share the testimonies of individuals who, despite a variety of addictions and problems with their mental health, found solace in the song.

Bishop says, “I wasn’t seeking a partnership with Restoration church, yet it turned out almost like the closed-off doors led toward the path that I ought to have gone through.” She also mentions that she had problems at first getting a location for the music video for the song “Hold on Honey.” “I realized that there had to be more to this than just consoling the bereaved.”

Giving others hope is Bishop’s main message in the song.

“It’s all about empowerment,” states Bishop, a 2013 transplant to Nashville. “I’m interested in hearing about your journey, but what can we work together to support you as you go forward in triumph, pursuing recovery and well-being and creating the life that God intended for you to lead—one devoid of these bondages. You know what I mean?”

Bishop was fortunate to experience this lesson personally.

On March 13, 2024, Kayley Bishop will play live in Nashville. IKE EVERARD

Regarding the difficult times in her marriage, Bishop adds, “I wasn’t really living.” “Oh, look at me,” I used to think. I’m excellent. I avoid becoming wounded. I imply that I never shed a tear. And in retrospect, that was merely a coping strategy. The right to be heard was taken away from me. They took away my emotional well-being. They informed me I was mistaken. I was made to feel like the issue all the time when it was really abuse, narcissism, and gaslighting.

But she has moved on from those times now.

Bishop, who intends to put out a new Cd later this year, concludes that the balance of power swings presently on each side at this point. It seems as though I have experienced extreme agony, wept uncontrollably, and then experienced total bliss. I think having a wide vocabulary of emotions adds so much color and vibrancy to life.

She hopes she had the opportunity to convey this realization with the girl she used to be on The Voice. Bishop adds that she is happily single right now. “I would have said, you are far more capable then you could ever imagine,” Bishop says. You have greater ability. You’re going to be the best version of yourself, for sure. All you have to do is wait four years.


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