Which tattoo, and why, does Megan Fox regret the most?


Fox, who promotes “Pretty Men Are Toxic,” her new poetry book, has over 20 tattoos.

Megan Fox is considering her tattoos again.

The Drew Barrymore Show’s star disclosed on Friday’s program that she recently regretted getting a tattoo.

With the release of her latest poetry collection, Pretty Boys Are Poisonous, the actress said, “I just got one that I don’t like which I have to rework.” She remarked cynically, “It’s all of my arm, therefore not a big deal. But this will be fine, we’re going to save that one.”

Fox omitted any information regarding the new ink, which she might have received in the days separating her book reading in New York City on November 7 and her daytime television appearance, when she was pictured baring her arms.

However, she did admit the reason behind her doubts. She explained that when they age, you regret buying because they simply don’t look as good because they oxidize. You never want those phrases to be connected to your body.

Fox has over 20 tattoos total. Some are visible, while others are hidden in inappropriate areas. One such tattoo covers up a tattoo committed to to her ex-husband Brian’s Austin Green, with whom that she shares three children, and is located on her hip, extending to her bikini line.

The actor and writer has a ton of artwork that is dedicated to her favorite lines, which include the line from the Shakespearean 1606 tragedy King Lear, “We will all smile at gilded butterflies,” and a sweet poetry that is inscribed on her ribs. To top it all off, her fingers are covered in 19 delicate fine-line tattoos.

She even has a few designs that correspond with her spouse Machine Gun Kelly’s ink, like the pair of voodoo dolls on her forearm that have hearts pinned to them and stitches visible, as well as her stamp that reads “The darkest fairy tale,” a reference to the couple’s first text exchange.

In addition to expressing her individual style through her tattoo collection, Fox also uses her vivid haircuts to highlight her daring approach.

Before launching her new project, the celebrity made the decision to change up her appearance. She went with a blazing red bob. Fox debuted the ensemble earlier this week when she gave a special reading of her poems on Tuesday at Racket in New York City.

After a day, she and her hairdresser Dimitris Giannetos made the decision to give the way she looked on the Kate Barrymore-hosted show some clip-on bangs.

Giannetos posted on Instagram about the idea behind the butterfly clip-adorned design, saying, “For Megan’s style yesterday in NY I sought to make anything legendary informed by the striking red hair from Linda Evangelista. Then I wanted to add a contemporary component to match Megan’s personality.”


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