When she was a child, Kate Hudson said she still received ten cent residuals after doing Home Alone 2


Hudson participated in a children’s choir in the 1992 holiday favorite starring Macaulay Culkin.

One of Kate Hudson’s first acting roles is still bringing her money.

During the Sibling Revelry podcast episode that aired on Monday, the Knives Out star, who co-hosts with her brother Oliver Hudson, shared anecdotes with host Joey Lawrence regarding their early forays into show business.

Lawrence, who was accompanied by his brothers Matthew and Andy, talked of how, at the age of five, he had to memorize a lengthy monologue for an audition. After he succeeded in landing an advertisement for Cracker Jack, he went on to land 50 more national ads in his first year of business.

When 44-year-old Kate questioned 47-year-old Lawrence about if he still received leftovers from any of his previous advertisements, the latter disclosed that she was still getting paid for a part-time job from her youth.

She remarked, “I continue to receive leftovers from Home Alone 2, the 1992 christmas hit featuring Macaulay Culkin, since I sang during the chorus.” I’m in that the chorus, and on occasion I get paid ten cents.

Regarding his equally meager payments, Lawrence laughed. I occasionally get around two cents so I’m like, “Wait.” The paper and envelope aren’t they more expensive?

“Well, at least they’re keeping it honest and fair,” Kate shot back.

The Lawrence brothers claimed they would have to revisit the movie in order to see Kate because they were unaware of her appearance in the sequel Home Alone 2: Lost in Manhattan. Although the 47-year-old Oliver was aware of her early cinematic moment, the siblings have previously acknowledged that they don’t usually watch other people’s work.

When the two of them appeared again on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert on CBS in January 2022, the presenter asked Kate if she had seen her brother on his then-airing show The Cleaning Lady. Oliver answered right away that although Kate claimed to have only seen one episode, she wasn’t watching the series.

She demanded that I watch the first one. I have not yet watched the second episode. So far, I’ve watched one episode. I saw the initial one. It’s excellent.

Oliver went on to reassure the 59-year-old Colbert that he didn’t feel bad about it. “I’m going to absolve [Kate] of this,” he declared. We don’t look at each other’s belongings. I’ve only seen perhaps one or two of her films, if that.

Amidst their family full of performers, including their mother Goldie Hawn, stepdad Russell Russell, and half-brother Wyatt Russell, Kate jumped in, joking, “Or, honestly be told, you didn’t see any of them,” before noting her “the excitement has partially worn off”.

She said, “There’s a lot of work being done,” to which Oliver responded with a jest, “You’ve seen one of her movies, you’ve seen ’em all.”


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