When Millie Bobby Brown faced backlash for defending’stalker’ Joe Goldberg from You, she said, “He’s not creepy”



  • When John Goldber from You was attacked, Millie Bobby Brown supported him.
  • Extreme backlash against her for supporting Joe Goldberg

The Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown previously received a lot of backlash when she backed Joe Goldberg, the star of the hit Netflix series You. The drama, which received plaudits for its nuanced portrayal of a homicidal and possessive protagonist, spurred discussions on the fine line among love and obsession. Millie’s opening comments, in which she applauded Joe’s love for the female protagonist, drew criticism and sparked debates about how unhealthy pairings are shown on television.

What unexpected detour did the Millie Bobby Brown rail make?

When Millie declared in a post on Instagram that she agreed with Joe’s portrayal, saying, “So I had just begun that new show,” it all began. You… He loves her and it’s alright, so he’s not weird… By the way, I am aware that everyone would object and scream, “Ahh, what a stalker, how could you support that?” But, he loves her, you know? Do not evaluate me based on my viewpoint; simply watch the show.

Her point of view, nevertheless, elicited a variety of responses from both admirers and onlookers. Some social media users didn’t agree with her completely. They emphasized the unflattering message that was being conveyed by making Joe’s unflattering acts look all beautiful and swoon-worthy. They had a point glorifying his aggressive and stalking tendencies may have given the incorrect message, particularly to younger viewers who might have believed that such behavior was absolutely okay.

Twitter was filled with criticism of Brown at the moment. Can everyone please urge Penn Badgley to speak with Millie Bobby Brown and inform her that Joe is a disturbing stalker, one person asked.Another commenter countered: “Millie Bobby Brown is strong 14 year old energy saying that it doesn’t matter that Joe from ‘You’ has become a serial killer because he’s in love with Beck.”

As soon as the Stranger Things star reconsidered her stance

Millie eventually changed her mind after seeing the whole first installment of the show, despite the initial outcry. “So I just wrapped up You and, I suppose the other day I recorded a video,” she said. I believe I accumulated an analysis too soon because I was on the second installment.

She admitted that she had changed her mind and that Joe’s behavior did fit the description of a stalker. I just finished episode 10, and he most certainly is a stalker. However, it was a very fantastic program, so I’m quite eager for season two. I apologize if I offended anyone,” he said.


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