What Lil Tay’s Parents Are Up To And Why She’s Gone Off Social Media


For five years, she didn’t make any posts on her social media pages.

“The loss of her sibling deepens our sorrow to an unfathomable degree. Since the circumstances surrounding Claire and her brother’s passing are still being looked into, we humbly ask for privacy as we grieve this tremendous loss. Claire will always hold a special place in our hearts, and everyone who knew and loved her will feel her loss as an irreplaceable void. Who are Lil Tay’s parents, then? Find out by reading on.

How did Lil Tay get his notoriety?

After footage of Lil Tay living her opulent lifestyle, cussing, and getting into altercations with other Internet characters surfaced, she quickly became a viral phenomenon. She grew up “broke as hell” in Atlanta, according to The Cut, but she worked really hard “moving bricks.” She eventually gained admission to Harvard before quitting.She worked with Jake Paul and producer Rick Rubin and gained more than 3.3 million Instagram followers. She discussed her own fame in an interview with Good Morning America in 2018. I’m the youngest flexer, so I assume people find it humorous that I’m 9 years old and have done so much. I’m free to do anything I want. I don’t care if they don’t believe me.

Who are the parents of Lil Tay?

Lil Tay’s social media profiles became dormant in 2019 as a result of a custody dispute between Hope’s father Chris Hope and mother Angela Tian. When it was discovered that Angela Tian, a real estate agent, had exploited vacant homes for Lil Tay’s movies, she was reportedly forced to retire. According to The Cut, her brother Jason Tian is also said to have contributed to her career and character.

Lil Tay stated that her mother and brother were not engaged in her social media presence during an appearance with Good Morning America. She noted that “it’s not true” that her mother “wants to make money off me,” and stated that “no one is forcing me to do this.” Despite the fact that Tay’s Instagram bio states that her account is “managed by management team,”

Tay emphasized, “I manage my own Instagram. Her mother also stated that she ignores the haters. Angie stated of her daughter, “All the haters, they want to get attention from her.” Because she’s famous right now, I suppose.She said, “And she has a dream and a passion.”

In 2018, Chris Hope, her father, battled for custody. “My daughter is angry and in pain. Chris Hope sent a statement to Hollywood Life saying, “I apologize that I was unable to stop all of the bad things from happening to her. “I am devastated by what has occurred, not only to her but also to the other members of my family, as a result of earlier incidents and currently as a result of the defamation and abuse that were put on Instagram. I’m not sure if Instagram was hacked or not; all I know is that whomever was in charge of it committed acts that are illegal in Canada and California. We’ll see what happens as a result.””I disagreed with the majority of the social media activity this year when my daughter’s social media started to go viral, the statement added. Chris said, “I took legal action to halt activities that I believed were detrimental to her bodily and emotional health as well as to her future. “I do not believe that a 10-year-old girl should be forced into those circumstances and forced to quit school in order to earn money for other people.”

“Money and the potential to profit from my daughter are the driving forces behind everyone else involved in this circumstance. I’m not battling over money; I’m fighting for my daughter, for her future and for her happiness, said Chris. “My daughter wants to pursue a career in acting and singing, and I fully support her in doing so. I believe that early this year, she received incorrect guidance from a number of sources and was led in the wrong way. I want my daughter could choose a route that would bring her joy, keep her secure, and enable her to develop into the extraordinary person I know she is. Jason Tian started a GoFundMe in 2021 and claimed She had been subjected to physical and emotional abuse by Chris Hope and his wife Hanee Hope. GoFundMe raised $17,000 in total.


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