Watch the new Video trailer to the “Mastermind” album by Taylor Swift!


Swift’s alleged new relationship with NFL star Travis Kelly has lately captured media and increased NFL viewership.

This season of Survivor is showcasing its “masterminds.”

This week, the much-liked CBS program debuted an exclusive sneak look of an upcoming new episode that featured the popular Midnights song “Mastermind” by Taylor Swift as well as some of the new challenges and clever participant moves.

Several participants can be seen strolling on a beach in short vignettes which click into a piece of a puzzle as the theme song for “Mastermind” begins to play. The action then cuts to the competitors building fires, participating in a water challenge, and entering their new camps.

One contestant states in a voiceover, “I’ve studied each cycle of Survivor,” and another adds, “This is tactical greatness on display.”

A man using his talents to use a blade to cut off an oak tree is seen in a few additional images. Teams are seen rejoicing and giving high-fives to one another.

New competitor Brandon “Brando” Meyer states in a confessional, “I’m always thinking, continually attempting to figure out exactly what’s going inside other people’s brains.”

The 45th season of the program began on September 27. According to the teaser, expanded 90-minute original episodes will air on CBS and Paramount+. According to a press statement from the firm, the first episode of Survivor is presently the No. 1 most watched entertainment show on the streaming service.

Swift’s song will be featured in the new trailer, which will debut at the Ala vs. Texas A&M University university football game on October 7 and the NFL doubleheader on October 8 on CBS.

The inclusion of Swift’s song comes at a time when news of her alleged new relationship with 34-year-old NFL star Travis Kelce has taken over the press, even boosting recent NFL ratings.

Swift, 33, attended a Kansas City Chiefs vs. the NY Jets game last Sunday with several famous friends, like Blake Dynamic, Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, and Sophie Turner. According to NBC, the game attracted nearly 27 million viewers, making it the most watched Sunday TV program since the Super Bowl.

Comparative to previous weeks, the show attracted noticeably more female viewers, who are probably Swift followers. According to NBC, female viewers aged 18 to 24 increased by 24%, while female viewers aged 35 and older increased by 34%. Female viewers aged 12 to 17 increased by 53%.

After remarking on his podcast in July that he wanted to give Swift a friendship bracelet with his number on it and that he was “a little butthurt” that his initial strategy had failed, Kelce initially hinted that he had an interest in her.
The two eventually became friends after Swift went to a Kansas City Chiefs game on September 24. They were then photographed embracing at a post-game party. Swift went to the Sunday Chiefs-Jets game at New Jersey as well.


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