Watch Kelly Clarkson’s recent Kellyoke segment when she covers Miley Cyrus’s “Jaded” here!


The song was played by the morning talk show host on Tuesday during her Kellyoke segment.

Miley Cyrus’s hits are beloved by Kelly Clarkson!

The host of a daytime chat program sang a song by the 31-year-old Cyrus on Tuesday during the Kellyoke section.

Before the rehearsal viewers, 41-year-old Clarkson sang a cover of Cyrus’ 2023 smash song “Jaded.”

The former American Idol winner opened her rendition of the ballad, “I don’t want to call but talk for an extended period / I know you were wrong, yet hadn’t said I was apologetic / But I’ve had enough to ruminate it through / We are quite elderly and the skull is too big to bury.”

During the performance, Clarkson wore a multicolored, color-block dress while her band performed behind her. To set the mood, the rehearsal space lights were turned to a soothing purple.

“WOMAN. Continue doing what you’re doing. On a YouTube video that was posted, a commenter said, “The covers just continue to get better and better!”

Clarkson has performed one of Cyrus’ most recent songs twice this month.

The “Since U Been Gone” hitmaker performed “Used to Be Young” on January 11 during the Kellyoke segment, another current song from Cyrus’ repertoire.

August 2023 brought “Used to Be Young” to the globe, ten years after she released her No. 1 hit song “Wrecking Ball” and gave a contentious performance alongside Robin Thicke at the MTV VMAs. She considers how she’s evolved with time and looks at her party days in the song’s lyrics.

In order to promote the release of their latest albums, Cyrus and Selena Gomez—another Disney Channel alumna—released a nostalgic joint effort at the time. A vintage video of the 31-year-old Gomez playing rival Mikayla Skeech on an episode of Cyrus’ popular animated series Hannah Montana was included.

The One and Only Murder in the Building star announced on Instagram Story that she and @mileycyrus are both releasing singles soon on the same day. Since we WERE YOUNG, we have been pals. I’m eager for August 25!

The songs “Jaded” and “Used to Be Young” are both featured on Cyrus’ most recent studio album, Eternal July Holiday, which was made available in March 2023.

Cyrus marked a year from the debut of her single “Flowers” on January 13. Prior to the release of the new album, this song became the first single.

“Flowers began to render many happy & which makes me happy,” she wrote as the caption on an Instagram photo of herself holding a flower a year ago today.

I cherish you. She said, “Thank you,” and ended the message with “XO MC.”

The song shot to the top of Spotify’s rankings after spending a month at the top of the US Billboard charts.

Cyrus thanked Spotify and her “amazing fans” via the internet for the achievement, as the song become the most-streamed single in a single week in the app’s history.


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