Watch Elizabeth Banks Celebrate Her Significant Fifty Years Old in a Golden “Birthday Suit”


In celebration of the milestone, Banks wore the eye-catching ensemble as she smiled for a number of lighthearted pictures.

Elizabeth Banks is genuinely still in her prime at fifty.

The Hunger Games actress posted a video to Instagram on Saturday, showcasing her celebration of turning 40 years old by posing for pictures while wearing a figure-hugging golden catsuit.

“Who wants to check out my birthday suit?” Banks asked as she peeked out from behind golden streamers in the brief video. Then, she threw the confetti out of the way in a dramatic manner to unveil her dress, a shimmering gold head-to-toe suit.

During the photo shoot, the actress staged a number of seductive postures, but it (intentionally) didn’t look that way because she also appeared to be making amusing expressions and appearing uneasy. She even tried posing outside her house with her leg raised in one photo, wearing fluffy slippers.

She also demonstrated her flexibility by executing a split-second leap in the air. Her awkward face was delightfully captured on camera as she was mid-jumping.

What is Elizabeth Banks most famous for?

American model and filmmaker Elizabeth Banks was born Elizabeth Irene Mitchell on February 10, 1974. She gained notoriety for her roles as an ICCA analyst in the Pitch Perfect film series (2012–2017) as chaperone Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games film series (2012–2015).

Despite this, it didn’t seem like her flexibility helped much when putting on the catsuit. She was seen fumbling with the clothing in a different set of pictures. She tried to get her head into the doorway of what she referred to as “the original catsuit,” laughing.

She questioned, “Do we believe this is an excellent idea?” in a different moment. “Okay, we have to take it off,” she gave up after struggling to put on what looked to be the golden bodysuit’s cap.

She wrote, “Birthday suit ⭐️ #50,” as the photo description. She continued, saying that she was “inspired by the greatest to ever do it,” but she withheld the name of the individual.

What is Elizabeth Banks real name?

On February 10, 1974, Elizabeth Mitchell was born in Pittsfield, a small town in western Massachusetts on the New York border in the Berkshires. She would later become Elizabeth Banks. She is the daughter of Mark Phineas Mitchell, a worker at a factory, and Anne Marie (Wallace), she worked in a bank.

Funny ideas were made in the comments by a few of her famous acquaintances. Comedian Jimmy O. Yang said that her inspiration might be “Gold membership or Goldfinger, who maybe Golden Hawn 🙌.”

Actress Julianne Moore was among those who sent her birthday greetings, writing, “Happy birthday, Queen!!!” You truly are a gem ⭐️. “Happy birthday, hot stuff 🔥❤️,” Katie Couric remarked.

In the previous year, Banks revealed to PEOPLE her newfound acceptance of aging and her newfound motto, “age softly, regardless of what that implies for you.”

She clarified, “I need to feel comfortable that I’m doing everything possible to remain comfortable about aging, but I’m also trying to age gracefully.” When it concerns beauty, my mental well-being comes first. I adore these items because they seem right for me and because they allow me to take care of myself without overthinking things.


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