Using the Help of a Baseball Analogy, Chastain Describes Why the SAG-AF Temporary Arrangements Actually Operate


Awaiting the AMPTP’s return at the bargaining tabletop, Jessica stated of autonomous initiatives, “I’m hoping that the AMPTP comes back on talks shortly.”

She is drawing parallels between the current SAG with WGA protests in California and baseball, another popular sport in the country.

On SAG-AFTRA strikes is still in effect, & temporary plans for the creation and marketing of independent films were discussed by Chastain in a chat with eTalk TV on the TIFF red carpet.

I’ll use baseball terminology to explain it to you. You have access to the Major Leagues (AMPTP). They’re all there, including Derek Jeter, and they say things like, “We’re not happy about our contracts, we’re going on strike.” When the Minor Leagues appear, they announce, “Hey, guess what? We’re ready to give you the deal you want!” declared Chastain.

These contract demands, according to Chastain’s video, included pay raises, safeguards for the application of AI, increases in streaming residuals as well as and greater medical and pension advantages.

She went on to sayThe participants then say, “You wonder what? Instead of working for the major-league teams, we’re heading to the Minor Leagues. Who do you suppose the viewers should see? The biggest Leagues that are have suddenly lost all of their influence.

Bringing viewers a run-through of the provisional SAG-AFTRA the contract, the winner of the Academy Award accompanied the video. Experienced performers, crew personnel, and others are encouraged to participate in and support SAG-AFTRA-approved activities. They shouldn’t be only a few out of work in our business because the AMPTP won’t engage in negotiations. They should be motivated to act morally by the achievement of interim accords. I hope the AMPTP returns to the negotiation table shortly but in the interim, the Junior League should take center stage.

The “memory” actor earlier admitted that, while receiving an indefinite contract to promote the independent film, she was “incredibly nervous” about attending the Venice cinema festival while there were strikes.

I received a little advice from members of my team not to do it, said Chastain, who also noted, “I’m extremely conscious of how privileged I am. Acting is a fantastic job that we get to practice. And as a result, we are frequently led to believe that we must keep silent in order to preserve our chances for employment in the future. & we are frequently told and advised of the importance of being thankful. That is the environment, in my opinion, that has historically permitted abuse at work to go unpunished. Additionally, it is the atmosphere that has given unjust contracts to my union’s membership.

Jessica and “Memory” filmmaker Michel Gallo are now finished filming on the independent “Dreams,” which was made with the help of an interim contract and a non-WGA script.


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