Using an adorable fan present as inspiration, Shania Twain creates a tour outfit: I suppose one might say I “Shania’d It”


By transforming a jacket made of denim into a minidress, a national music artist demonstrates her inventive fashion sense.

Although Shania Twain is renowned for her classic looks, her most recent ensemble has a special significance.

The 58-year-old country music icon showed fans in a clip last the social network how she transformed a fan present into a tour dress on Friday. She turned around for the photographer as she displayed her treasured acquisition, exposing the assortment of patches sewed to a jacket that she had turned into a dress.

In the video, she added, “Now this denim jacket’s been Shania’d,” with Shania performing on stage and the Twain classic, “I’m Gonna Getcha Good!” playing in the background. “But a fan did all of the a patchwork pattern the embroidery, and every other detail on the denim jacket,” she added, showcasing artwork marked with her favorite songs, from “I’m Outta Here” to “I’m Outta Here.”

Twain continued by saying she “modified” the ensemble, pointing out that it is now a “minidress” with an emerald skirt and fashionable boots. She answered, “I flipped the sleeves around. I flipped the jacket inside out, and these Dolce boots are also upside down.

In closing, she expressed her gratitude to the person who had brought her the jacket and said, “It motivated me to do my glam for my Queen of Me tour.” Then she said to the audience, “I think you might think I Shania’d it.”

The performer gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at how she puts together her clothes in front of gigs in May by posting a behind-the-scenes video from her show in the Nebraska town of Lincoln on Instagram as well.

Twain demonstrated in the description and video that she made new ensembles for each performance out of previously used clothing. She accessorized with many bracelets, notably one with a heart on which she affixed black chiffon bows below one hip along one arm for a “little asymmetrical pattern,” she stated in the tape. She was wearing a long-sleeved white shirt wit dots and stripes, black sequin shorts, and a pink wig. Then Twain approached a collection of items and declared, “We’re put our trash to work!”

Hoping to provide everyone an exclusive glimpse at what’s going on during each event backstage!” In addition to the video, the “Any Man of Mine” singer wrote. Some of you have probably already noticed, but every night I’m coming up with fresh ensembles using clothes I’ve already worn.

Some of these products, she said, “have been around for over ten years!”

Twain garnered media attention the month before by addressing the criticism of her bare-chested performance at the CMT Video Award.

To respond to criticism suggesting she ought to attire less “appropriately” or being “not what you once were,” the music legend posted a picture from her Instagram carousel that celebrated her daring sense of style accompanied with an encouraging caption.

“For me, style was a potent instrument which allows me demonstrate how I am and express my creativity. Aside from getting to spend the evening with my friends, it’s one of my favorite things of going award shows,” she wrote in the article. The life is too brief to dress drably. I’d like to thank the guys who created my @cmt #CMTAwards looks.


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