‘Unlike Anyone’ Is Taylor Swift. A source said that Kelce and Travis has dated in the past, but “he’s so into her” (Privilege)


According to a source, it caught his buddies off guard, but he’s incredibly happy and deeply in love with her.

Aslce, 31, is prepared for the special obstacles that come with dating the world’s big his relationship with Taylor Swift develops, an individual told the public that Kegest superstar.

The source said that Taylor is unlike any woman Travis has ever dated. Over the weekend, the 34-year-old NFL player and the 33-year-old “Bejeweled” singer went out in New York City. His pals weren’t prepared for it at all, but he’s incredibly happy and smitten with her.
Referring to Kelce’s effort to offer Swift his telephone number on a bracelet of friendship when he was younger, the source persists, “Some individuals thought he was being facetious about the necklace and had a crush on taylor earlier this summer, yet he was serious about it.”

Aslce, 31, is prepared for the special obstacles that come with dating the world’s bigThe insider said that in recent weeks, Swift and Kelce have been introducing certain of their close companions to one another and are enjoying their time learning to know one another.

Everyone is getting along and it’s evident what fun they are having together, the source continues. They’re a really adorable couple.

As the host of his very own reality dating program, Catching Kelce, Kelce sought love in another sort of public environment prior to his romance with Swift. Fifty ladies from all over the nation competed for the football player’s heart in the show as he searched for his lifetime “teammate.”

After meeting Kayla Nicole on Instagram in 2017, Kelce dated the sports model and broadcasting host for five years after the E! series was canceled.

In January 2023, the Ohio native clarified any confusion over their breakup, which included speculations that they had split up for financial reasons. She made this statement in a conversation with The Pivot Podcast. Barstool Sports said at the time that Nicole and Kelce broke up because Kelce had her pay for “a half of things” when they were both dating. Refusing to believe that he was “too cheap” with Nicole, Kelce said, “don’t go into those s—.”

“I would never say that he was supporting her,” he went on. She led a fairly secure existence in terms of money and her professional endeavors.”

This past weekend, Swift and Kelce made their first significant public appearances together in New York City. Later, they made unexpected looks on Saturday Night Live, where the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter established Ice Spice’s second musical performance and the Chiefs of Kansas City star made a cameo in a skit regarding him and Swift.

Images of the couple showed them holding hands both on their way to the after-show celebration and after their meal at Nobu before the performance.

Their relationship was “because smiley” and “so happy” the entire evening in New York City, a different insider told PEOPLE. “They talked a lot,” They were very enjoyable. They spoke with every single person that was there in the room.

They were really awesome. Extremely pleasant and joyful,” the source continued, mentioning that Swift and Kelce lingered at the celebration “till about 4 a.m.”

They would give each other a quick kiss before returning to their conversation with whatever they were speaking to, the source claimed that Kelce was “going over and caressing her, placing his hand around the back of her back or placing his fingers on her waist.”

“He continued to check on her, but allowed her time for talking lot other individuals in the space, both male and female, and he spoke to a great deal of people in the room too,” said a source.


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