Uncomfortable About Dual Date Met Jennifer Garner, Ex of Ben Affleck


Although one of the Jennifers is unwilling to share his life with the other, Ben Affleck is eager to balance the two. Affleck and Lopez are reportedly at odds over his taking his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Garner and her new boyfriend on a double date, according to reports. While the 51-year-old is “interested,” JLo isn’t as enthused.

Since they first met in 2002, the Hollywood pair has experienced a turbulent history. The most promising pair now split up barely two years into their courtship in 2004, and they went on with their lives. They both rediscover love after a 17-year separation; Lopez wed singer Anthony Marc Anthony in 2004 while Clooney wed actress Jennifer Garner’s husband in 2005.

In 2014 and 2018, the two marriages divorced, respectively. After 20 years apart, Lopez and Affleck reconnected in 2021, and as fate would have it, they made it official by proposing and marrying in Las Vegas the following year in 2022. Since then, the pair has been doing well, although recent reports of disagreements have surfaced.

Garner, who was once married to Affleck, is now seeing John Miller, a businessman she first met in 2018. The pair reportedly wants to go on a second date with Affleck and Lopez, who is now Lopez’s new spouse. The Gone Girl star has no issues, but Lopez’s rejection of the proposal reportedly led to “tension” amongst the two.

According to an informant, Ben gets along well with John and has offered couples’ date evenings to him as well as Jen, which they are both cool with. This was revealed to Closer magazine. But J-Lo always declines it politely. According to the source, Affleck has been promoting Lopez. She has informed him that it is strange and disrespectful that he keeps promoting the concept given how unsettling it is for her.

Three children—17-year-old Violet is 14-year-old Seraphina, and 11-year-old Samuel—belong to Garner and Affleck. Despite being divorced, the parents are working together to raise their kids, and they were recently seen cuddling and bonding in Italy. His ‘parenting connection’ with his ex-wife was explored in 2020.

We both firmly feel that it’s crucial for the kids to witness their parents’ respect for one another and good communication. Despite everything, JLo is averse to hanging out with the newlyweds Miller and her husband’s ex. Ben believes it would be a lot of fun and fantastic for the kids, so he doesn’t see why J-Lo is refusing to give Jen and John a chance.

The insider stated JLo is allegedly attempting to “control” the actor from Air. J-Lo advising harry who she can and cannot be friends with “hits a raw chord for him in this position. When people decline invitations, he despises how unsocial they appear to be. They are allegedly no longer in the “honeymoon phase” of their relationship.


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