Tyla didn’t worry that eating at the Met Gala would be difficult due to her diamond-chain nails: It Just Looks Adorable! (Private)


“The Sand of Time” served as the inspiration for Tyla’s Met Gala ensemble, and she offered PEOPLE an early look at her matching diamond-dripping manicure.

Tyla at the Met Gala in 2024.

Tyla has the perfect manicure for the 2024 Met Gala!

The 22-year-old vocalist of “Water” donned an ensemble influenced by “That Sands of Eternity.” Her nails were dripping with diamonds, and the Balmain gown had been created of sand that resembled an hourglass.

Before heading to the exclusive event, Ty la, who had her Mad Gala debut this year, let journalists to see a peek of her pedicure at the Mark Hotel.

She went with a classic soft-pink hue to go with her entire ensemble. But she added some flair with necklaces hanging small gems from every digit.

Tyla didn’t seem concerned when PEOPLE questioned whether eating would be difficult due to her manicured nails and if she had practiced beforehand.

“That’s not important,” the singer shot back. “It’s just adorable!

Tyla Met Gala in 2024.

Tyla looks stunning with her manicure thanks to the skill of celebrity nail expert Coca Michelle. Michelle posted a compilation of Tyla’s Met manicures on her personal Instagram account. Michelle has styled manicures for celebrities including Megan Thee Stallion and Beyoncé.

“Sanders Of Moments ⏳✨ Multidimensional Sapphire Set with @tyla was during 2024 @metgalaofficial_ ⛓️💎,” the nail arts technician wrote as the post’s caption.

Tyla didn’t mind dining at the Met Gala, but getting up the famous red-carpeted steps to the Met Museum of Art was a bit of a difficulty. This was demonstrated by the red carpet video, which showed the celebrity being hoisted up some of the stairwell.

“I absolutely adore the outfit and the way things came out,” Tyla said to La La Anthony on Vogue’s unofficial red- carpet live feed, despite the gown’s limited range of motion. She stated that she “wanted anything out of the envelope this year,” as did the team of designers behind her appearance.

Tyla goes to the Met Gala in 2024.

Olivier Rousteing, creative director of Balmain, told Vogue that the the singer’s Metropolitan Gala dress—which included three different shades of sand and was embellished with tiny crystal studs—was inspired by her ambition to push limits and turn ephemeral materials into timeless works of art.

Beyond the carpet photo op, the sculptural outfit was, alas, not terribly practical. When the two entered, Rousteing actually severed Tyla’s gown from top to bottom!

The creative director used a pair of shears that Instagram fashionista Eva Chen gave him to chop off her garment, transforming it into a minidress.

Rousteing carefully chopped around Tyla’s legs while he continued to wear the dress and posted a private video of the event to Instagram. It also demonstrated that Tyla entered the Met Museum barefoot.


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