Twilight Zone: Blake Lively’s “First Time Ever” Trip to the Super Bowl involved leaving her kids behind


“I now know what my Twilight Zone episode would appear to be like,” Lively said as the Instagram post’s description.

Blake Lively is opening up about every aspect of her Super Bowl weekend without children!

The 36-year-old actress posted a photo to Instagram on Tuesday, February 11, showing how she spent time in the Strip for Super Bowl LVIII. Lively posted several pictures from her vacation there along with a long essay describing her first experience traveling away from her kids.

She made fun of her unusual Balenciaga x Nike Pantashoes track trousers, which ended in pointed-toe stilettos, in her post, “Last week I left my children at home for the first period ever along with wore pants with pointed-toe shoes.” I had no idea why I was taking images backwards.

She went on, mentioning husband Ryan Reynolds, “I treated a friendship bracelets as a Flat Teddy for my spouse like I didn’t realize it wasn’t ’07.” I’ve taken out more loans for jewelry than the skull in the Pirates of Caribbean attraction. And I went out to clubs.

“Now that I know what my Twilight Zone episode would look like,” she said in closing. 💥🙌😆♥️🥰.

The 47-year-old Reynolds and Lively were parents to three daughters: Betty, 4, Inez, 7, and James, 9. In February 2023, they had a fourth daughter.

The tweet featured two mirrored selfies of Lively wearing an all-red Adidas x Gucci tracksuit with retro curls. There was also a selfie with the football field in the background and some pictures taken during the game.

Along with showing off her elaborate jewelry collection, which featured a “friendship bracelet” featuring the Deadpool and Wolverine movie insignia, she also posted a mirror photo of herself getting dressed. During the game, the first trailer for Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s third Deadpool film was released.

The former Gossip Girl was Taylor Swift’s guest at the big game. Swift, 34, was present to cheer on her boyfriend, defensive end Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs, whose team won the Vince Lombardi’s trophy after defeating the 49ers of San Francisco, 25–22.

The group cheered on the Chiefs and mixed with other celebrities including Ice Spice, the singer Lana Del Rey, Keleigh Sperry, and others while enjoying popcorn and drinks in a suite at the stadium.


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