Try something new as NATASHA BURE departs Hollywood for Texas


The actress Candace Cameron Bure’s daughter Natasha Bure has revealed that she is relocating from the Angeles area to Texas, adding her name to the increasing list of famous people who are departing Hollywood.

In an earlier YouTube video, Natasha said, “I’m really anxious.” But it’s a nice kind of nervousness. I think that there is a lot that is yet unknown about the future, which is kind of interesting.

Being her first time living alone, she said that she wanted to “learn lessons, grow, and undertake an activity I wouldn’t normally do.”

She said that this was the first time she had ever formally lived alone. It will undoubtedly be difficult, but I believe that I will like the task. I feel as though I live in a little bubble in Los Angeles.

Natasha said, “I know the city pretty well. I absolutely adore all of my pals, but I want to step outside of my zone of security and try something fresh.

“Well, I just want to get to know new people, learn lessons, and grow, and I feel like this is the ideal opportunity to go and step outside of my comfort zone at this point in my life,” the speaker said. If I don’t like it, I’ll either leave.

Natasha said, “If I love it, I love it,” despite the fact that many people might be anxious about relocating out of state. After a year, we’ll move on if I detest it.

According to Fox News, Bure said that she really made the major decision to relocate in December. Originally, she had intended to leave California many months before, but delays were due to job and family commitments.

The 25-year-old added that she’s learned difficult lessons in the previous two years about controlling expectations, adding that she’s not harboring high hopes that her new period “needs to go a certain way.”

She said, “I really do not want to have these lofty standards that “it ought to go a particular way.” She said, “So lots of ideas I held in my head didn’t turn out the way they were meant to, and there were times that really hurt.” But in the end, it was so helpful, and I developed so much on a person, that I’m glad those things didn’t pan out as this was offered to me in their place, or whatever the situation may have been.

Natasha Bure, child of Candice Cam Bure, explained her reasons for choosing to wear modest clothing.

According to her profile on Instagram, “Modesty & I have come a long way.” “I dressed COMPLETELY differently one year or two ago and exposed way more of my body than I ever needed to.”

“A lot of that was caused by where I was figuring out my value – feeling that showing a bit more flesh was more intriguing,” Natasha added. I now believe the exact opposite. I find it so lovely when people maintain modesty and dress nicely. I’ll really feel 100 times more secure and myself in clothing that exposes less flesh.

Natasha declared, “I still want to look well and follow fashion, but I never want to sacrifice my morals. “I want my words and my demeanor to be consistent!”


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