Tom Hanks and his son Chet pose together in an uncommon photo


Posing together for a recent Instagram image, the father and kid were dressed warmly.

In a recent picture, Tom Hanks poses with his son Chet.

In a recent Instagram post on Tuesday, Chester “Chet” Nolan Hanks included a picture of himself with his 67-year-old father, Tom.

Tom was wearing a warm green coat and a black beanie as he stayed warm in their winter attire, along with the famous Elvis Presley. Chet, 33, had on a black sweatshirt and a black Angeles Dodger baseball cap.

Chet’s caption read, “Gang,” plainly.

Tom and his wife Rita Wilson are the owners of Chet. The actor and singer also have a 28-year-old son named Truman Theodore. From his almost ten-year marriage to the late performer Margaret Lewes, Tom is also the father of Colin Hanks, 45, and Elisabeth Hanks, 41.

Chet posted a picture of Wilson, 67, on Instagram on Mother’s Day. Arm in arm, the mother and boy are grinning for the camera. Chet wrote, “The biggest G I know @ritawilson adore you mom ❤️,” as the caption for the adorable photo.

“I adore you so much!!!💕🌸💕,” Wilson answered.

In an early 2022 YouTube video, the Empire actor talked about having famous parents when he was growing up. Chet talked about his childhood and how being a child in Hollywood was a “curved sword.” Despite the perception that he is a “blessed brat,” Chet claimed he wasn’t brought up that way.

The Shameless star clarified, “I was not spoiled, even though I’m extremely privileged.” “My parents never lavished me with money or an allowance; they never spoilt me. For my entire life, I have had to labor and earn all I have acquired.”

The You’ve Got Mail actor shared his thoughts on the current discussion about Hollywood nepotism babies in January 2023.

Tom told Reuters, “This is what we’ve done forever,” according to The Sun. Every one of our children was raised in it. Our four children are all highly artistic and active in storytelling in one way or another.

The star of Sleepless in Seattle went on, And everyone in our family would be working at some point if we owned a florist shop down the block or a plumbing supply company, even if it was simply inventory at the conclusion of the year.


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