This $15 ‘Lip Collagen’ claims to naturally plump your pout and lift your lips


Collagen, peptides, and vitamins are included in the top-selling lip balm’s formulation to give your lips a plumper, more moisturized appearance.

There are several items available that claim to boost our pout without the use of injections, from lip balms to glosses. The Somaluxe Lip Collagen, a top-selling balm that employs three different collagen-peptide compounds, plant stem cells, and vitamin E to improve the looks of your kisser, may now be added to the list of lip-plumping products.

The Lip Collagen is one of Amazon’s best-selling cosmetic items and often costs more than $30. However, a recent promotion offers the Somaluxe Lip Collagen for just $14.98, an amazing 50% reduction and the lowest price we’ve found thus far for this beloved item.

The dermatologist-recommended Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Palmitoyl Tetapeptide-7, & Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 are three kinds of gelatin that are used in the Somaluxe Lip Collagen to organically swell lips. Peptides the biological plant stem cells are also included to reinforce the structure and form of the lips. Vitamin E is a helpful ingredient since it replenishes moisture, keeping your lips smooth and supple. Combining strawberry and blueberry extract with plant-based glycerin provides nutrition and leaves a tasty aftertaste.

According to Somaluxe, its lip tissue also aids in smoothing out the creases and small lines that surround your lips. A smoother, younger-looking, fuller lip is the end result.

According to our observations, Somaluxe face tissue can be used sparingly. As a lip balm or as a foundation for your red lipstick, apply a small layer in the morning. Alternately, use it as a lip mask at night before bed. Nothing contains GMOs, fillers, petroleum, or unnatural additions; all is manufactured entirely form natural resources.

This lip balm is more of a matte variety than a glossy one. Users enjoy using Somaluxe balm under their eyes to reduce crow’s feet and fine wrinkles.

Over 4000 confirmed online buyers have given the Somaluxe Lip Collagen five-star ratings. This natural lip plumping balm is on sale for $15 here, down from a regular price of $30+.


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