The Trevor Project’s Champion Person of the Year for Suicide Prevention Award is given to Dylan Mulvaney


Mulvaney added, “Let’s keep working together to lift up and empower LGBTQ youth and to build a society were nobody under thirty ever thinks that hope is beyond their reach.

The Trevor Project is recognizing Dylan Mulvaney as the Mental Health Volunteer Award Winner Month for 2018.

The award, now in its third year and previously given to Janelle Monáe and Lil Nas X, honors people who use their voices to make the globe a more secure environment for LGBTQ+ youths.

Mulvaney, a transgender TikTok celebrity and activist, is 26 years old. She has long advocated for LGBTQ+ rights and has chronicled her transition experience for her audience in the “Days of Girlhood” video. Mulvaney shed light on both the good and bad aspects of her experiences in all of the clips while also addressing a subject that a number of her audience might not have been aware with. Most importantly, she pushed to raise allyship and knowledge for transgender individuals and contributed to demonstrating to LGBTQ+ teenagers that things can improve.

In her acceptance speech after winning the Streamy Award for Best Breakthrough Creator last month, Mulvaney urged allies to “back trans people openly and openly.”

Following her victory, she told PEOPLE backstage that it had been the “greatest moment” of her year thus far. She continued, “It really means quite a bit to me, but I also believe that the fact that a trans person is eligible for a prize like this in such a dangerous period of sexism — this makes us feel like there’s hope.

In a news statement, Mulvaney stated, “I am sincerely delighted to earn Your Oscar Project’s Mental Health Champion Award for the Year award. Because it provides an escape for so many people who are battling with their identities and may not feel welcomed as their true selves, Trevor’s life-saving work has a particular place in my heart. Anyone who is feeling alone or afraid should know that they are deeply loved and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Always keep in mind that you are never alone, you are wonderful just the way you are, and that there are 24/7 safe spaces for talking available thanks to groups like The Trevor Project.

Mulvaney continued by declaring herself to be “so pleased” to be a member of a neighborhood and “fights ceaselessly” for an improved tomorrow.

She continued, “This award represents all of us.” “Let’s keep working together to empower and uplift LGBTQ youth and to build a globe where no young person ever feels that hope is out of reach,” the statement reads.

He Wong, who was (he/him), the executive director of marketing, communications, and content for The Trevor Project, stated that Dylan Mulvaney “stands as a source of light and hope in an age where the LGBTQ community young people too often face adversity and discrimination, reassuring us that there’s strength in unity and power in vulnerability.”

“Dylan is an exceptional possible role model to LGBTQ younger people to picture a world where they could be fulfilled, effective, and prosper openly and authentically, thanks to her continued advocacy efforts and unapologetic embracing of their trans identity. Mia has inspired the next batch of LGBTQ young people to accept themselves fully by sharing her personal story with us and highlighting all of the positive aspects of the trans experience, and we are very delighted to honor them with this award.

Use this link to donate to Mulvaney’s charity website for the Trevor Project.


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