The Toronto Film Festival’s “Seven Veils” premiere has been canceled, according to Kate Seyfried


Due to the unprecedented dual Hollywood strikes, Amanda Seyfried has stated that she will not be present for the international premiere of her movie Seven Veils at the 23 York International Film Festival.

I am Very Happy of this movie and it pains my heart not to be seated next to the lovely individuals who helped create this amazing picture at our @tiff_net premier next week, the actress wrote on Instagram on Saturday. Atom Egoyan directed the film.

Even though SAG-AFTRA granted a waiver for the movie to promote this completely and magically independent Canadian production, Seyfried said it still “doesn’t feel right to travel to the fest because of the strike.”

She continued, “When the time is right and we’ve reached an equitable settlement for actors and writers, I can’t wait to show you all SEVEN VEILS.”

It has been very speculative if A-list actors will attend this year’s fall film festivals since performers joined authors on the picket lines in July. In order to promote upcoming independent films that are not affiliated with studios or streaming services, stars must first obtain exemptions from SAG-AFTRA.

The Distinguished Installations sideshow at TIFF is where Seven Veils will make its debut on September 10.

Seyfried plays Jeanine, a troubled theater director who is tasked with staging the most well-known production of her former master, an adaptation of the opera Salome by composers Richard Strauss, which is based on the play by Oscar Wilde, in the operas-themed tension, which is a Canadian-financed independent film. However, certain unsettling images fro her past follow her as her character returns to the opera world after a long absence, allowing her repressed trauma to tint the present.

In the movie 7 Veils, which includes stars Rebecca Liddiard, Douglas Smith, Mark O’Brien, and Vinessa Antoine, Seyfried and Egoyan, who previously helmed the actress’ previous feature Chloe, reunited.


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