The surprise new TV job transfer for Robert Irwin was made public


According to reports, the 19-year-old nature combatant has scored a highly-publicized new TV position, and it’s not at all what one might think.

I am A Celeb… Drag Me Off Of Here’s new co-host has apparently been announced amid Dr. Christopher Brown’s retirement from the program after ten years, and it’s a surprising decision.

Animal advocate Robert Irwin and Julia Morris will co-direct the South Africa-based program beginning with the next period, as reported by TV Blackbox.

It comes after a great deal of speculating about whom would take on the position, with rumors that veteran presenters like Peter Helliar and Joel Creasey had been under consideration.

Even though Robert, 19, has barely filled in for Sam Mac as the Sunrise weatherman, he has surely had enough of experience in front of the camera. Robert is somewhat novice when it concerns TV hosting.

Even on the Today Show with Fallon, the “crocodile hunter” Steven Irwin’s son has made a special appearance.

Robert’s experience with potentially hazardous creatures will undoubtedly be useful on the I’m A Celeb jungle set.

An official from System 10 responded to’s inquiry with the following statement: “In typical spirit for I’m A Politician… Get Me Out Of Here!, the contest to guess of who is stuck in the bush is already in full swing with speculation galore as to whom will fill those very big footsteps for Australia’s most sought-after hosting position.

But as you are aware, we are unable to confirm or refute any rumors regarding a new jungle host, just like the camp’s superstars. We’ll need to keep everybody waiting till our private Preview event unveils everything for now.

Bob has had a busy year. In July, at the Mission Unattainable: Dead Reckoning premiere in Sydney, he appeared on his runway debut with his girlfriend, Rorie Buckey, who is the niece of the late actor Heath Ledger.

Julia Morris, who is rumored to be his next TV co-host, teased information regarding the search for the substitute earlier this year.

According to the television host, Ten’s reality competition is now heading in a “wholly different way” after almost ten years.

She informed the news organization that she was doing “chemistry” tests to six potential prospects and that she would have to put the past behind her.

Any newcomer will want to construct that with them. There is therefore plenty of room for that somebody; we are merely interested in learning who it will be.

The load placed on Morris, 55, and the candidate of choice was also described.

I want it to work, she added, since whoever it is “will have a huge impact on whether I’m employed in the next few years.”

Brown left 10 following fifteen seasons, and it was confirmed in February that he was hired by the competing station 7.

Morris in particular felt the impact of his departing, as she revealed during their final year on I’m A Celeb… Git Me Off Of Here. Ten had utilized the well-liked TV host on numerous series over the years.

Diana admitted, “I’m simply grieving in my soul.”

“I believe I’m nevertheless in shock, so I’ve made the extremely healthy decision to entirely block it out of my mind. The series has been even more enjoyable than usual, so I’m just resisting the want to accept the idea that it won’t continue in this form.

In addition, Brown acknowledged that leaving the program he “adores a lot” was difficult.

Since I adore the program so much, it has undoubtedly been hard he admitted.

“It is always difficult to realize that you’ll only have a limited number of concerts left so one of them is the final occasion that you do this or that,” he remarked. But it’s made it possible for me to cherish each and every day I’ve spent over here. The whole team has had the opportunity to joke over it because of it.


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