The Hollywood actors’ strike was openly discussed by Ana de la Reguera


The Mexican performer Ana de la Reguera claimed that the Venice World Film Festival was not exactly the same as in years past.

Almost all of the teammates participated at the event because to the film and television actors’ (SAG-AFTRA) V Hollywood strike, which restricts them from working to market their projects.

“The situation is challenging, yet being here was special to me. There aren’t many actors in this, but there are a lot of independent movies with different special releases. The festival is still lovely, there are still gala concerts, and movies are still being screened, he remarked.

The star of movies including “Yay Mexico!”,”Free Nachos,” and “La Purga por Siempre” claimed that since the strike started in July, the union has taken care to abide by the guidelines they set because studios and streaming services have refused to meet their requests.

He said, “Recently, we’ve all spoken about going on strike; in fact, frequently we talk to actors to exchange information, provide clarification, and offer support.”

You even care about what we publish on our social media, the author continued, “since we frequently have no idea what we can and can’t say anymore.”

Even though the cost will be high, it is crucial for the business to emphasize artificial intelligence and payment regulation.

The Veracruz-born actress, 46, insisted that while it’s strange to be unable to discuss your projects, it’s crucial to adhere to the rules and refrain from talking excessively as we are trying to ensure that the negotiations, which we desperately need, are truthful, particularly with regard to video streaming amenities and artificial intelligence.

He emphasized how crucial it is to manage payments and establish all participation requirements.

Of la Reguera is in Venezia to attend will preside over the presentation of the Kinéo Awards, which include the Award for the Audience and the Critics’ Award among other honors. The performer will be the first woman of Hispanic descent to win this prize.

I was unprepared for the invitation. I was still considering coming, but she later agreed to serve as the award’s godmother, and it was amazing. I’m excited to take part, she emphasized.

He had planned to attend the presentation of “Memoryfilm,” starring actress Jessica Chastain and directed by a Mexican Michel Frank, on the red carpet.

We regularly attend festivals, so it’s fantastic to see Mexicans recognized there.

“What I enjoy is that this is nothing new, which would even seem odd if our nation were not there at these significant events; as creators, we always carry out significant tasks. I hope to return the next season with my movie.


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