The “Gossip Girl” reunion! For his podcast, Penn Badgley teases Taylor Momsen’s catch-up on TV


For the next installment of Penn Badgley’s podcast “Podcrushed,” which airs on September 6, the two “Gossip Girl” alumni got back together.

The Phillips siblings have resumed their work!

Fans of the Gossip Girl television series are getting a pleasant reuniting between Penn Badgley and Taylor Momsen. The unique event will be released on Wednesday as part of Badgley’s a podcast, Podcrushed.

Badgley was spotted humorously banging on Momsen’s head as she grinned widely as Podcrushed advertised the pair’s get-together on Instagram on Friday. The second photograph in the post had a more somber Badgley, thirty-six, and Momsen, 30, smiling for the camera.

The caption on the picture stated, “A reuniting worth waiting for… ” But don’t ask us, we aren’t certain either exactly what’s going around in the second picture.

On Gossip Girl, Badgley, who and Momsen subsequently featured Jack and Jenny Humprey, respectively. The Pretty Reckless’ lead singer left the show in its third season, despite the fact that it aired on The CW for six seasons. She later made a comeback, though, for the course of the season 4 show “Easy J” and a quick cameo on the 2012 show finale.

Badgely previously defended Momsen against allegations about her behavior away from the camera, telling the magazine Hollywood Life on 2011 that “teenagers undergo what they’re going to go through.”

He added at the time, “Everyone ought to get let to make their mistakes. It only turns to be into the eye of the international publication, and I think that’s unfortunate.” I estimate that she is 17 years old. her some time. She is a really talented young woman who is also quite smart. She is merely maturing.

Despite the fact that the television program has long since finished, Badgley has kept up with his co-stars. On the first edition of Podcrushed last year, he featured Leighton Meester. Two years after the pair collaborated on a Variety’s “Actors on Actors” feature in 2020, Chace Crawford makes a reappearance on the podcast episodes.

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On podcast streaming services, fresh installments of Podcrushed are released every Wednesday. On Max, you can stream all six series of Gossip Girl.


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