The flowy white button-up and heavily printed wide-leg pants Laura Dern is wearing have a very 70s goddess vibe to them.


The ‘Big Little Lies’ actor was serving at the United States Open (sorry for the bad tennis pun).

With these wide-leg printed slacks and oversized white button-up, Laura Dern, the reigning queen of method, just gave us another amazing sartorial look for the US Open.

Hollywood A-list actors are known for their amazing wardrobes, but some are more well-known than others, therefore some lesser-known 50+ style icons go unnoticed. Among those women, Helen Mirren, Alice Moore, and Laura Dern come to mind. Luckily for all of us, Laura Dern recently completely blew us away with a 70s-inspired costume she wore to the US Open.

The US Open and other tennis competitions (like Wimbledon) provide fertile ground for fashion ideas, and not too long ago, Laura Dern tossed down a hot 70s ensemble for the occasion.

The actress donned a distinctly 1970s attire for the event, beginning with a spotless white button-down shirt and left a few hooks unbuttoned to create an airy, carefree vibe.

She also chose a pair of ultra-chic wide-leg pants with a chartreuse floral pattern, which added to the carefree feeling she was exuding for the match.

She accessorized her outfit with a black leather quilted sling bag with a chic gold chain and a pair of casual yet fashionable beige sneakers with a hint of dress shoe flair.

The star accessorized with a pair of über fashionable warm-hued and large eyeglasses, giving her ensemble 70s vibes to boot, and wore her blond locks down with a subtle curl to add to the effortlessly chic vibe that had going.


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