The Esprit artist Zendaya would like to “tap onto her wicked nature” and play a “bad guy”


Recently, Zendaya, who discussed how she has typically played the “good guy” in her films. Nowadays that she has a need to play evil symbols, the Dune actress.

Zendaya Coleman, who has an actress and musician, says she’d like to take on a villainous role in a superhero movie however not a particular one as she’s usually the “good guy.”

“I’d adore playing a villain of some type. Embrace your inner superhero and be evil. However shape that takes, I don’t believe it has to be in a heroic sense; I just mean the psychological sense. After the the SAG-AF a walkout, she told ELLE magazine, “I feel like I generally play a positive person, so I’d like to play the bad guy.

The ‘Dune’ actress would be an educator like her parents were if she weren’t in the entertainment industry. She nevertheless also want to work behind the scenes.

I believe I would be a director inside the sector, which is something I aspire to do in the future, the woman stated. And as I look outdoors, I have the impression that I would have been an educator like them. I adore learning, instruction, and children.

Zendaya has acted in blockbuster films like “Spider-Man, No Way Home” and “The Great Showman,” but despite being one of the industry’s hottest celebrities, she says that she is not adhering to a rigid career plan.

I never truly believed “I have to do this by this time and I want to do this by that time,” as she earlier admitted to British Vogue. I simply want to pursue the activities that fill me up as a human being, an artist, and as such. I thus leave it open because I would allow myself to do that if it turned out to be an entirely different job route in the future. I’m excited about the prospect of trying to direct in the future.

I frequently visit sets because of this. Whenever I’m not participating, I’m nearby attempting to learn. What are you doing today? I ask our crew members as I walk around. Could you please explain it to me? because we have some true veterans playing. So, I’m hoping that one day I’ll be able to create the things I desire to see.


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