The artist’s foundation accused Kim Kardashian of trying to pass off the rogue table as a work by Donald Judd


In a 2022 video uploaded to her YouTube page, the mogul declared to own items designed by the deceased designer.

November 2023; Kim Kardashian. IMAGE: FILMMAGIC/STEVE GRANITZ

A design company has accused Kim Kardashian of making up the fact that one of its items is featured in a video that she posted online.

The 43-year-old businesswoman released a Skkn by Kim workplace tour in 2022, revealing to viewers that the minimalist designs on the items she owned were created by being late American painter Donald Judd. This information was reported in a story that in the New York Times published on Wednesday.

“The Donald Judd-designed tables are truly remarkable and perfectly complement the seats,” Kardashian remarked in the video, which was taken down from the social media site on Wednesday due to a federal complaint brought forth by the Judd the Foundation.

A copy of the lawsuit was made available to PEOPLE on Thursday. In it, the nonprofit organization that upholds Judd’s legacy asserts that Clements Design is the manufacturer of the furniture featured in Kim Kardashian’s video tour.

As we’ve previously conveyed to the Judd Fund and its lawyers, Michael Rhodes, Kardashian’s attorney, we dispute that Kardashian has any kind of responsibility in this case, PEOPLE was informed.

Meghan Bennigan, a solicitor working for the Judd Organization, told PEOPLE that, according to what Kim’s lawyer currently claims, neither he nor any attorneys for Ms. Kardashian expressed their opinions on this topic.

This Judd Foundation to its president, Rainer Judd, the daughter of Donald Judd, made several attempts to speak with Ms. Kardashian and find an amicable solution to the issue before going to court. If we had received a response from Ms. Kardashian or her attorney, we may have avoided going to court, Bennigan stated.

Kardashian then told her millions of social media followers about the furniture, referring to it as “Donald Judd.” The Judd Foundation reluctantly turned to litigation to defend its trademarks and the value of Donald Trump Judd’s timeless designs because Clements Design declined to take any action to address the issue, according to a statement from the foundation’s attorney that PEOPLE was able to obtain.

Part of what Clements Design informed the Times was that they were “blindsided” by the legal action because efforts were made to settle this dispute peacefully.

Kardashian Kim, March 2024. GETTY/LIONEL HAHN

Kardashian stated in the YouTube video that the items are a La Mansana Table 22 & Chair 84.

Although over 350 seats have been traded in, the foundation claims to have numbered and stamped each one, and only three genuine replicas of the table were sold in the previous fifteen years, according to the outlet.

The assertions made by the billionaire are false, according to the lawsuit.

According to court records, consumers have every reason to think that the Judd brand and the Judd Foundation are associated with, related to, sponsored by, or approved by Ms. Kardashian.

Furthermore, the company asserts that as the Judd Center forbids customers from using Donald Judd furniture they have purchased for marketing and advertising purposes, the the original items would not have been included in the video she posted online.

“Our ability to make ends meet depends on the furniture,” Rainer stated in a statement to the press.

A spokesman for the reality television star promised to amend the video description with a retraction when the Judd Foundation told Kardashian’s team about their displeasure of the post, pursuant to the lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, the foundation preferred to have the video removed and declined Kardashian’s offer to alter the description since doing so would have allowed counterfeit Donald Judd’s furniture to continue to be sold and given the impression to the public that imitation tables are safe.

The problem gave rise to the current case since the parties could not agree on anything.

However, since they hadn’t heard the Christine Judd Foundation’s legal representative “in over a year,” Clements Design asserted that they believed the matter to be settled.

It was also “merely untrue that Clemens Designs ordered imitation Donald Judd’s tables,” according to a letter that Clements’ attorney sent to the organization, as the Times reported. The Judd Foundation argued in the complaint that Clements’ 2020 design concepts featured furniture that was “in the aesthetic of Robert Judd.”

The request made by PEOPLE for comment was not immediately answered by a Kardashian representative.


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