Taylor Swift’s ‘Impressive’ New Album: ‘So Ready to Be Tour-Mates,’ Says Hayley Williams of Paramore


Swift’s new album received praise on Instagram Stories from Williams, and his band Paramore served as the Record Stores Day 2024 ambassadors. April 22, Monday

September 2023 in New York City with Hayley Williams; February 2024 in Los Angeles with Taylor Swift. PHOTO

Hayley Williams is a huge fan of the Department of Tortured Poets.

Swift, 34, was among the musicians that the “Misery Business” singer, whose band Paramore served as the champions for Record Store Day 2024, said she enjoyed listening this past sunday on Monday, April 22.

The 35-year-old Williams expressed her opinion on Swift’s most recent album being “impressive” in an Instagram Stories post.

“My friend, you had me at the story telling alone. We are all familiar with this type of loss! She captioned the picture with a piece of artwork from The Tortured Poets the Department: The Anthology. “I find it really impressive how particular and vivid Taylor’s lyrics get with sacrificing the universal thread,” the woman said. “I’m so keen to become tour-mates.”

Williams also mentioned the artists and bands she was listening to, including Radiohead, Big Smile, Blonde Redhead, Idles, Bee Gees, Beyoncé, and Rufus Wainwright.
When Swift and Williams were both nominated for the 2008 Grammy for best new artist, they first crossed paths.

‘The Tortured Poets Department’ and Taylor Swift are mentioned by Hayley Williams on Instagram Stories.

Soon after our friendship began, she understood how uncomfortable I felt attending my ex’s wedding, so she went with me, made it enjoyable, and we skipped the reception to get to the Cake Factory, as the “Hard Times” performer remembered in PEOPLE’s December feature story.

Swift is still a devoted friend today.

Williams stated, “She’s crazy as s— – so fun. She recently called me as I got thru an awful period, simply to sit down & crack quips while offering me advice that of fact sounds like wonderfully formed lyrics.”

According to a conversation with Rolling Stone, Williams also found out via the pop megastar that Paramore had won their first Grammys for “Ain’t It Fun”.

In September 2011, Taylor Swift and Hayley Williams gave a performance at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena.

When I learned that we had been nominated, I was in Europe. The alt-pop singer stated, “I wasn’t able to comprehend it, hadn’t bothered for concern about weather we would not be suggested, or we would be.” And we didn’t go once we won it. Within thirty seconds, I received a text from both Taylor Swift and [bandmate] Taylor York. Taylor texted me in all capital letters, saying things like, “[Random noises] so happy for you!” I was taken aback.

Swift’s European portion of her Between Eras Tour is scheduled to begin in May, with Paramore opening.

Beginning on May 9 in Paris, the performances will make their way to Lisbon, Dublin, Vienna, Liverpool, and London, where they will conclude.


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