Task Force on AI in the Entertainment Industry at Disney


A task team to investigate the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) across the organization has apparently been formed by Disney. With the recent Hollywood writer and actor strikes and the expanding usage of AI in the entertainment sector, this endeavor has acquired importance. The use of generative AI to develop screenplays for films and television series and to build a database of actors’ likenesses for upcoming projects has caught the attention of major Hollywood studios and Silicon Valley streamers. The unions that represent writers and actors, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), respectively, are opposed to these concepts.

The usage of generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Google’s Bard to produce screenplays is one of the main issues brought up by professional authors. Startups are also creating AI tools designed expressly for creative writing, which is raising authors’ fears. Actors fear that without proper safeguards, studios may utilize their likenesses permanently.

In order to transfer the performance from the source character to the target character, Disney applied for and was awarded a patent for a facial recognition system that would overlay a real face over a cartoon figure. Nevertheless, obtaining a patent does not ensure that the concept will be put into practice.

AI is a disruptive technology with significant advantages and possibilities, according to Disney CEO Bob Iger. He admitted that the organization, which works in a variety of industries from local channels to amusement parks and cruise lines, may become more efficient as a result of AI. Machine learning and artificial intelligence have been deemed as the company’s two main areas of research by Disney Research.

Disney is renowned for its technical innovation and has thousands of active and expired patents in addition to AI. The business includes subsidiaries in the technology and visual effects fields, where AI may possibly find use. For instance, Industrial Light and Magic, the George Lucas-founded special effects firm for Disney, provides a tool that enables artists to conduct natural language searches on its picture database.

While computer-generated performers and screenplay authoring are two of the most notable possible uses of AI for Disney, the technology has wider ramifications. The effectiveness of several corporate operations, including HR, finance, and marketing, might be improved by AI. Disney hasn’t said anything about its AI task group, though.


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