Tara Lipinski Says It’s “So Surreal” That Her Mother Is Pregnant once a Protracted Infertility Journey


lipstick began detailing the events surrounding her struggle with pregnancy via her weekly podcast, “Unexpecting.”

On the most recent episode of her podcast, Tara Lipinski shares some great news.

The Jessica Lipinski: Unexpecting presenter, 41, teased the surprise on Tuesday by saying that the podcast’s narrative of her reproductive journey is ” getting you up on this particular day.”

“In episode 12, we made some significant decisions. Following the findings of our immunological testing, we made the decision to use a surrogate to receive one of our very own natural, genetic embryos. We obtained a positive pregnancy result after matching with a heaven-sent surrogate named Mikayla, she revealed in the teaser.

She went into further detail about the incident on Thursday’s program, recounting the exact moment she found out about her surrogate’s pregnancy.

It seemed just so unbelievable. Since we don’t receive the news and this isn’t happen to us, it was unable to have been occurring to us. In her podcast, Lipinski admitted, “I almost didn’t believe it. “I was only crying. However, years of this trauma’s hideous sobbing have been spilling out through my eyes.

On pressed what she felt after hearing the wonderful news, she replied, “I have no idea what to put it it except pure relief. “Of course, happiness and the hope that perhaps our lives will finally alter and we won’t be trapped in the same, terrible hamster wheel any longer.”

During the initial installments of her podcast, Lipinski has been discussing her challenges with infertility and taking the audience through her tale, which included discovering her her debut natural child did not include a heartbeat.

“Well, you know, it’s crazy which this small object has a glimmer that one can see on a screen. I was simply praying for a heartbeat. Reaching this milestone is significant, the athlete added.

I entered and sat down, and I immediately knew. I believed she was merely trying to detect this heartbeat by monitoring them in that awkward stillness and searching. Additionally, the expression on her face as she apologized for finding no baby heartbeat.


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