Tamera Mowry Rates Songs That Make Her and Twin Tia Look Good or Bad? How Do Doja Cat and Nicki Minaj Compare?


She said, “I like that one too!” as a few explicit lyrics started to play. “Glocks, he said? I believed he had said “blocks.”

Tamera Mowry ranks among the names that catchy enough to drop!

The 45-year-old Sister Sister alumna responded to different hip-hop songs that make reference to her her her twin sister Tia Mo Wry in a video that was posted to Instagram. She revealed which of the beats she liked and didn’t like by pressing down on to them.

“Y’all, why didn’t u tell us abt these songs?! 😳😂,” she captioned the photo. “I must admit that I enjoyed listening to all of these lyrics—you guys are really talented! 🔫👀😅 I’d like to know how you rank this crazy combination, so please let me know in the comments. 🎶.”

“Hey guys,” Mowry said to her admirers. I’m going to listen to some songs today that make mention of my sister and me, and in the conclusion, I’ll rank them. Now let’s move!

The first item on the list of songs was “Tia-Tamera” by Su’Lan. Mowry was observed shimmying her hips, snapping a few times, and tapping her skull back and forth. The song began, “Twin glocks, s— Tamera and Tia,” as the actress formed the letter “o” with her lips.

The Twitches celebrity moved on and listened to “Cole Summer” by J. Cole. Her wide smile transformed to a surprised frown when she read the words, “If I had a wish, I would a— Tia & Tamera/At the exact same moment and place labels on they t—-.”

She responded to the phrase, “Pull her ‘cat and trackhawk away it’s Tia & Tamera,” in Chief Keef’s song “Picking Big Sean Up,” with a similarly astonished expression.

Next, Mowry talked about BIA and Nicki Minaj’s song “WHOLE LOTTA MONEY (Remix).” The song began, “You Tamera, in a twin seater? How is Tia doing?”

She flipped her index fingers and murmured the song’s lyrics, giving the impression that she knew the music. Conversely, Mowry seemed to be unaware of Polo G’s “Distraction” as listened to the lyrics, “Twin Glocks, Tia, Tamara, yeah, those my new b-——,” while she subtly danced to the music.

That one is also one that I like! Glocks, he said? She let out a cry. I mistook his words for blocks!

Not to mention, Mowry responded to “Tia Tamera” by Rico Nasty and Doja Cat. She swayed back and forth, mouthing the words word for word while she grooved to the music.

Doja Cat rapped, “My babies huge as Tia/My twins big as Tia, Tamara (wait)/Tia, Tamera,” while dancing in her seat.

Mowry ranked the tracks from poorest to best as she wrapped up the video.

Chief Keef, “Picking Big Sean Up,” is in last place, followed by Su’Lan, “Tia and Tamera,” and Polo G, “Distraction,” in fourth place, she continued. No. 3 is “Cole Summer” by J. Cole.

Singing along, she declared, “I love ‘The whole lottery,’ I do — but She Cat’s ‘Tia Tamera’ ” “That’s No. 1!”


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