Sydney Sweeney is “beat up” by claims that she was seeing Glen Powell and having an affair


Actress Sydney Sweeney of “Euphoria” has acknowledged that the allegations that she had an affair with her “Anyone But You” co-star Glen Powell whilst engaged to Jonathan Davino left her feeling “beat up.”

Sydney Sweeney is “beat up” by the claims that she was seeing Glen Powell while engaged to Jonathan Davino, her co-star in “Anyone But You.”

The ‘Euphoria’ actress, 25, and her restauranteur fiancé Jonathan, 38, have put up a unified front by going out in public together since rumors that she was having an affair with ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ actor Glen surfaced.

She recently revealed in Variety’s “Young Power in Hollywood” issue how the gossip sometimes leaves her feeling bruised. It’s difficult to observe without being able to speak up for oneself.

Glen and I don’t really care, she said, explaining how it hasn’t affected our friendship. Glen is 34. He is such a hard worker, and I work hard, so we have a lot of fun together and a lot of respect for one another.

We frequently say things like, “That’s really funny.”

Sydney maintained her professionalism throughout the rumors while they were working, Sydney Gluck, the 44-year-old director of the romantic comedy “Anyone but You,” said the magazine.

“Sydney is brilliant at many things, including how to handle social media,” he remarked. She didn’t let it affect her emotionally. Although crazy at first, it eventually became normal.

Sydney and Glen, who were both in committed relationships at the time, fueled romance rumors in March when they displayed their connection while filming “Anyone But You” in Australia.

In April, the actress and Glen’s ex-girlfriend Gigi Paris, 31, unfollowed one other on Instagram before writing the coded message, “Know your worth and onto the next.”

a source informed Page Six After three years of dating, Glen and Gigi ended their relationship peacefully in April.

Sydney and Jonathan have been dating since at least March 2022, and in May, they were photographed out on a date night while strolling around New York.

In the same month, she and Jonathan were in Cannes, France, where she was spotted wearing her engagement ring for the first time in almost a year.

The first time Sydney and Jonathan were seen together was in 2018.

She explained to Cosmopolitan how she avoided dating other celebrities, saying, “I don’t date individuals in the spotlight. I don’t date artists, actresses, or anyone in the entertainment industry because it’s simpler and allows me to be simply regular Syd. My network of supporters is excellent.

Sydney clarified what she seeks in a man by saying, “I search for a closest friend. I need to be able to spend all of my time hanging out with this person, never getting tired of them, and laughing all the time.


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