Sydney Sweeney claims she is no longer treated like a ‘person’


Sydney Sweeney, who rose to popularity as Cassie Howard on “Euphoria,” complains that she is no longer treated like a “human” because she thinks that society first “builds them up” as superstars before “tearing them down.”

Sydney Sweeney claims that since being famous, people no longer treat her like a “human”.

The 25-year-old, who rose to fame portraying disturbed teenager Cassie Howard on “Euphoria,” is set to act in the romantic comedy “Anyone But You.” She says she is shocked by how the media enjoys “building them up” to be superstars before “tearing them down.”

Before the current Hollywood actors’ strike, she stated in an interview with Variety that “they are so quick to build someone up, and then they adore tearing them down.

And seeing it is interesting. I was attending college like everyone else three years ago. I’ve suddenly lost my human identity.

But Sydney also mentioned how being able to take care of her family is one of the benefits of her celebrity.

Most of my family members have never even ridden in an airplane, she claimed.

Sydney said, “To help them grow and open their minds – that is what I love doing now.” She said this in reference to being able to now bring her cousins onto sets.

The actress also disclosed to Variety that she creates character outlines for the characters she plays in order to prevent herself from method acting and incorporating her own experiences into her performances.

Since she began applying for roles at the age of 12, she has been writing the books. She stated, “I wanted to make sure that none of my own recollections or my own personal life was in the character.

Being able to have things that are private to me, in my opinion, is what makes me feel the most human.

Sydney added to Variety that recent rumors that she was having an affair with her ‘Anyone But You’ co-star Glen Powell, 34, while engaged to her restaurateur fiancé Jonathan Davino, 38, left her feeling “beat up” and that she was upset about them.

“Sometimes I feel beat up by it,” she said. It’s difficult to observe without being able to speak up for oneself.

Glen and I don’t really care, Sydney claimed, adding that it hasn’t affected our friendship. He is such a hard worker, and I work hard, so we have a lot of fun together and a lot of respect for one another.

We frequently say things like, “That’s really funny.”

Sydney and Glen, who were both in committed relationships at the time, fueled romance rumors in March when they displayed their connection while filming “Anyone But You” in Australia.

In April, the actress and Glen’s ex-girlfriend Gigi Paris, 31, unfollowed one other on Instagram before writing the coded message, “Know your worth and onto the next.”

According to a source who spoke to Page Six, Glen and Gigi ended their three-year relationship amicably in April.

Sydney and Jonathan have been dating since at least March 2022, and in May, they were photographed out on a date night while strolling around New York.

In the same month, she and Jonathan were in Cannes, France, where she was spotted wearing her engagement ring for the first time in almost a year.


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