Sydney Sweeney Addresses Avoiding Pigeonholing Following “Euphoria” Role


Sydney Sweeney is making a lot of effort not to end up reprising the part she played in “Euphoria.”

Since 2019, the gifted actress has portrayed Cassie Howard, a confused and sensitive former figure skater who frequently comes off as promiscuous while coping with unhealthy relationships.

She frequently appears in intimate moments, sometimes half naked, as a result of this depiction. Sweeney has purposely avoided being categorized as the role while portraying it to a T.

The roles in THESE movies that Sydney Sweeney plays distinguish her from her coworkers

Although it has become common for many talented performers to find themselves playing the same character over, Sweeney is not allowing the same destiny to strike her. In an interview with Variety, the “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” actress commented on the odd circumstance of her classmates being labeled, saying, “It’s kind of sad to watch.”

Fortunately for her, her roles in the comedy-drama series “The White Lotus” and the drama movie “Reality” from 2023 have demonstrated to the public that she is not Cassie. Therefore, she shared:

“I doubt I’ll be able to alter anything, but I like the fact that people are saying things like, ‘Wow, she can act.’ I have to disprove critics for each project since Euphoria.

Sweeney brought up her emotions about continuously being in the press for unrelated rumors about her life during the same meeting. The “Madame Web” actress has also been accused of having an affair with her “Anyone But You” male co-star, Glen Powell, in addition to dealing with assumptions regarding her family’s political standing.

“Occasionally, I get exhausted by it. Regarding the accusations, she remarked, “It’s difficult to witness and not be able to stand up for yourself. She continued, saying the conflict with Powell began when they showed the movie at CinemaCon in Las Vegas earlier this year:

It’s a romance movie. The public desires that! Both Glen and I are unconcerned. He is such a hard worker, and I work hard, so we have a lot of fun together and a lot of respect for one another. We frequently remark, “That’s extremely humorous.

The nominee for the primetime Emmy Awards requested less offensive appearances

The 25-year-old blonde’s “Euphoria” job occasionally required her to appear in semi-naked sequences, as was previously revealed. While she and her supporters appeared to benefit from that, her father Steven Sweeney told a different story.

The Blast said that Sydney had admitted on “Sunday Today with Willie Geist” in June that Steven found it awkward to see her obscene sequences in the HBO drama series. The actor from “Big Time Adolescence” revealed what happened in one of the scenes:

“My grandfather and father shut it off and left. But my grandmother, my grandmother, is one of my biggest supporters. She is a huge admirer of mine.

As it turned out, the actress’ father was shocked to learn that his daughter was involved in several naked scenes since at first he thought the program was comparable to others he had watched. Sydney, on the other hand, accepted responsibility for his response and admitted that she hadn’t “prepared” him well enough previously.

She also stated that they had not discussed their jobs, which could have contributed to her ignorance. “My dad and I don’t typically talk about work when we speak. The candidate for the Dorian Television Awards said, “We converse like father and daughter.

Sydney had previously expressed her personal unease with Cassie’s many naked scenes, however it is unknown if her father’s experience with her racy sequences had any bearing on the decision. She stated at the time that she had spoken with Sam Levinson, the show’s creator, about her concerns and asked him to cut any superfluous explicit stuff.

There were times when Sam was meant to see [my character] Cassie without a shirt, and I would say, “I don’t really think that’s necessary here.” The Hollywood Television Critics Association nominee revealed what Levinson had done for her after mentioning that her request had been honored:

I’ve never felt like Sam was attempting to force a naked scene into an HBO program on me. He didn’t force me to do anything when I didn’t want to.


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