Summer Horns Tours Comes at the Santa Barbara Lobero with Dave Koz & Friends


September 16 sees the arrival in town of a multi-Platinum marketing, nine-time Grammy nominee.

This Saturday, September 16, Dave Koz, a musician and jazz artist, performs in Santa Barbara’s Lobero Theatre as part of his tour called Dave Koz as well as Friends: Summer Horns. The nine-time Grammys winner has performed on stages all around the world this summer alone, bringing his enduring brand of uplifting summer music. Koz is now going back to the starting point of his summertime tour.

It’s challenging to prevent your upbringing and current location from somehow influencing the music you create, according to Koz. Koz, who was born and reared in the San Fernando Valley, spoke with me about his childhood in Southern California and how it influenced his career in music. I was struggling with my sexual orientation and my inability to express it, he added. “So the instrument simply become the means by which I could communicate many of things for which I lacked words.” When Koz landed a job performing in musician Bobby Caldwell’s band in Los Angeles after graduation, this need for expressiveness would launch the start of a career in music.I had been performing him on onstage in front of of the elite of Los Angeles the next thing I knew. As a result, Koz had access to the musical world.

Dave Koz has achieved achievement, received acclaim, and accumulated a ton of stage knowledge since his first engagements. At the Hollywood Music Bowl, where Koz has performed eleven times, he spoke on the distinctive pleasure of doing so. He remarked, “When I grew up, my parents used to take my sister, brother, and moi into the Hollywood Bowl a lot.” The first time I played there, I well recall, was. It became a complete return experience when my parents showed up. Regardless of how frequently Koz performs there, it never becomes boring for him. He made a joke about how departing the theater at the end is the only feeling that is better. “Throughout the previous week.

Koz gives concerts such a high priority because, in his opinion, performing live on stage brings the music to life. Because these terms refer to polished radio music culture, Koz believes that the terms “smooth” or “contemporary jazz” inaccurately describe instrumental music. You know, the majority of those who have been engaged in this for a while, operating underneath the silky jazz label, are truly amazing entertainers who give the music their all to produce these extremely thrilling times on stage.

Koz is accompanied by his own band, which features two extra saxophonists who form the concert’s core, for the Summer Horns 2023 tour. In comparison to the seasoned musician Candy Dulfer, Eric Darius, whose has just released his CD Breakin’ Thru, Koz stated, symbolizes a little more of the young impact of players and saxophone players. People all across the world are aware of her because of her global hits, according to Koz. It’s just full of energy and vitality when three people are playing together with excellent compositions and a terrific band backing you.


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