Straight from Emma Stone’s Colorist Tracey Cunningham, Everything You Need to Know About Her New ‘Super Blonde’ Hair (Exclusive)


This summer, the actress is the newest celeb to lighten up, and PEOPLE has the specifics on her new hue.

Going blonde or going home appears to be the summertime hair color mantra for celebrities, as seen by Beyoncé’s “sunwashed” tint and Sydney Sweeney’s beach-inspired hue.

Emma Stone is the most recent celebrity to embrace the style; she appeared on the Instagram page of her longtime hairdresser Mara Roszak sporting a much lighter (and shorter) appearance.

In LA-based Tracey Cunningham’s words, “I call it’super blonde,’ ” and she has been Stone’s colorist since her Spider-Man days. She recently completed three major motion pictures, and eventually, you want to look like yourself.

Looking like herself for Stone, 34, means going back to her original blonde hair color, which is often not too difficult for Cunningham. However, in this instance, the actress has been switching changing her hair color because of a number of film roles (including the upcoming Poor Things, where she sports a virtually black hue).

She had a heavy red tint by the time she was ready to go blonde once more and had “a lot going on underneath,” according to Cunningham. (The actress’s most recent public appearance was at a Louis Vuitton dinner in Paris in early June, where she was sporting a rich auburn colour.)

It was a process to take Stone lighter, to put it mildly. It all started in June when Cunningham bleached the celebrity’s hair to a practically platinum hue over the course of a whole day. “We made it so blonde that she actually wanted lowlights in it,” claims Cunningham.

Enter Stone’s coworker and salon owner Marie Robinson of the Marie Robinson Salon in New York City (Cunningham claims they “share” the star). [Editor’s note: When you have a power colorist on both coasts, you are on the A-list.]

While Cunningham was on vacation in Europe, Robinson stepped over and provided the star lowlights. The regrowth was then touched up by Cunningham around two weeks ago. Tag-teaming produced the stunning and vibrant blonde shade shown on Instagram.

Stone follows Cunningham’s instructions to apply the Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector treatment every time she washes her hair in order to maintain the health of her hair; Cunningham is an advocate for the range of products that strengthen bonds. A significant cut also aided. For the star’s “cool girlie” chop, hairstylist Roszak took several inches off her hair.

The front sections were slightly longer than the rest and cut at a very tiny slant to provide a super-subtle sense of depth, Roszak said.


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