Sofia Richie Releases a Video of the Exciting Moment She Found Out She Was Having a Girl Child: “I’m Very Happy”


The model wrote, “Sorry to all of my neighbors for that horrifying scream,” as the TikTok video description.

Sofia Richie is talking about a unique experience!

The 25-year-old shared a video of her and her husband Elliot Grainge—as well as the family dog—learning that their unborn child is a girl on TikTok on Sunday.

Richie was positioned beside Grainge, 30, in the backyard throughout the video. She questioned her spouse, who had a confetti popper in his hand, “Are you ready?”

After that, Richie counted down to three for Grainge, who released the popper and sent confetti and pink smoke flying. Richie’s first instinct was to let out a loud cry and dash around her yard with excitement.

Her Golden Retriever moved from their place observing the celebrations to the grass nearer to the couple after being startled by her scream and the popper’s noise.

Richie posted a humorous description for the video, saying, “Sorry to all those who live nearby for the horrible scream 😅.”

After Richie had calmed down, she approached Grainge, who had stood motionless with his hand covering his mouth at learning that he was expecting a girl.

“I’m so excited!” Ritchie replied, throwing her arms around her husband.

Richie thought back on the scene captured in the Sunday TikTok video when she initially disclosed the pregnancy in a Magazine interview that was published on Thursday.

“Even before I talked about getting pregnant, I loved watching gender reveal videos on YouTube and TikTok, so we grabbed two party poppers, one pink and one blue, and our OB texted my assistant Molly to find out the gender of our unborn child,” she added.

Elliot and I blew the one she left out that had the right color inside. It was rather shocking because we both honestly believed it to be a boy. However, Elliot is also really eager about a girl, and my life’s ambition is to get a daughter.

The musician Lionel Richie’s youngest daughter, Richie, stated that her spouse is equally thrilled to welcome a daughter. Grainge’s father, Lucian Grainge, is the chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group. She described him as “sensitive.”

“I believe it’s so common for boys to desire males, yet he has plenty more sisters,” she continued.

April 2023 saw Richie and Daisy tie the knot.


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