‘Sleepless Nights’ Is One of Heidi Klum’s Favorite Halloween Costume Through the Years


In a brand-new interview from October 9, the model traveled to that time and discussed some of the most remarkable the Halloween holiday outfits.

The unofficial Halloween queen is 50-year-old Heidi Klum! The America’s Got Talent judge talked on several of her most memorable costumes from the past in an interview on October 9 before of this year’s holiday. She quipped to the magazine in a video interview, “I got insomnia about the Halloween holiday you have no idea!” “There is no practice. This can only be done on the day; I can’t practice it. I always hope it turns out well.

The fifty-something supermodel has dazzled her fans with numerous original costumes over the years, portraying characters such as Princess Fiona and Jessica Rabbit. Heidi continued by explaining why she frequently selects unusual outfits every year. I always look for things that people would normally not do, she added. Most people think of doctors or law enforcement personnel, but I was constantly on the lookout for something new. As many people remember, the blonde beauty was unrecognizably disguised as a worm last year.

The mother-of-four dressed as Lady Godiva more than 20 years ago. The horse that Heidi was riding was a Manhattan police horse, she said during the most recent interview. She then went on to explain that she chooses to hold her well-known Halloween party in New York City rather than Los Angeles. I once hosted a party here in Los Angeles, so I love to host them in New York City… At 10 or 11 o’clock, folks usually go home, Heidi said. “I think, ‘Are you kidding me?'” You just left at 11 after I had spent 12 hours getting ready in my hair and makeup? Can’t do that, sorry.

Heidi dressed up like the fruit that is forbidden from the story of Adam and Eve a few years later, in 2006. Her ex-husband, 60-year-old Seal, dressed as Eve and had his ex-wife apply his makeup. “Seal was Eve,” she chuckled. “I had five minutes to apply his makeup,” he said. She stated in a humorous way that because of the small amount of time he gave her to glam him, his makeup was “not on point”. Heidi was carrying her son Johan at the time; he was delivered on the 22nd of November 2006. The pleased mother described herself in her apple costume as being about nine months pregnant.

Heidi giggled when she thought about wearing her worm costume from 2022 again. She cried out, “It makes me laugh!” I believed it was funny, so I decided to conduct interviews there. The native of Germany added that she adored how the costume spread like wildfire on social media. The numerous memes and wonderful things that came out of this just make me so happy,” she continued. “In the end, that’s what I want. When they see it, I want people to smile. When it comes to 2023, Heidi added that her team is requesting that she “think of something else” and provide a “Plan B” choice. She firmly remarked, “I’m not happy with Plan B. The aim of my not let any of my Halloween fans down.”


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