Singer Olivia Rodrigo Shares Her Experiences With ‘Emotional Turmoil’ in Her Song “Deja Vu”


Despite her prosperity, she has had trouble controlling her fury and discontentment.

Throughout her time in the spotlight, Olivia Rodrigo has struggled with “emotions of rage and dissatisfaction.” The 20-year-old pop sensation has acknowledged that dealing with the expectations of fame can be difficult at times. I’ve gone through a lot of inner pain over having all these feelings of wrath and unhappiness that I felt like I couldn’t express, especially in my job, the ‘Deja Vu’ hitmaker said.

“I’ve always believed that you are unable to disclose it, must always be grateful, and that this job is so highly sought after. And that leads to a great deal of suppressed emotions. I’ve always wrestled between having to become this ideal American lady and the fact that I don’t really feel like that.

Olivia’s career took off after her debut album, “Sour,” was released in 2021.

The triumph felt “very instantaneous” to the singer, but she spent several years “preparing” for it.

It’s not like I said, ‘In want to have a long-lasting career, I’m going spread it out slowly and this and that,'” she argued. I kind of become successful overnight. I had spent a long time writing songs and getting ready for that moment.

But because it was so quick in many ways, my coping mechanism was to move more slowly.

Olivia said she’s “grown considerably” since publishing her debut record last year.

The singer believes that as a result of everything she has gone through, she has grown far more self-assured.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Olivia stated: “The method of making ‘Sour’ and releasing it into the world truly impacted me, and I developed so much and realized numerous things about myself.

“I absolutely feel like I have more confidence in myself now as a result of it,” she said.


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