Seven years after first separating, Halle Berry and her husband officially divorce


Following her divorce from her ex-husband, the actress Halle Berry’s is now obligated to make payments of $8,000 every month in child support.

  • Halle Berry, a well-known Hollywood actress, and her estranged spouse Oliver Martinez have finally finalized their divorce.
  • The divorce dispute between Halle and her estranged spouse has been ongoing in court for seven years.
  • Managing the proceedings, the judge orders Halle to pay her husband $8000 for their child’s maintenance.

The divorce lawsuit between Halle Berry, a Hollywood actress, and her estranged spouse Olivier Martinez has been resolved after seven years.

She is apparently in charge of paying Maeco’s child support for her child, who is 10 years old, despite signing a prenuptial document at the start of their marriage.

She must also pay an extra 4.3% that was of her income beyond $2 million, according to the court’s ruling.

All of Maceo’s extracurricular expenses, including his sports fees, as well as his tuition to private schools must be paid for by the actress. She is also responsible for his health assurance, including any out-of-pocket costs and dental and medical coverage.

The couple filed for divorce in 2016 after they separated, but the court process took some time to conclude due to issues with child maintenance and custody.

The legal documents submitted to the highest court of Angeles County now address all outstanding questions related to these subjects.

The most current court documents state that Berry and Olivier have opted to split custody of Maceo. The contract states that the actress will have care of him from Monday through Wednesday, and Laurence will have possession of him from Wednesday through Friday.

They were given carte blanche by the court to decide how to share saturday possession of their child.

According to a court ruling, Maceo must now go to family and individual therapy sessions.

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