Scott Karvedt, a stunt pilot for Tom Cruise, publishes a new book


In an exhilarating Zoom interview, Scott Karvedt—a renowned fighter pilot and daring stunt pilot best known for his work with Hollywood legend Tom Cruise—dwelt on the amazing voyage he describes in his most recent book, “Full Throttle.” The book provides an unrivaled look into the fast-paced worlds of aviation and entertainment. It delivers a thrilling description of his adventures both in the cockpit and on set. As he recalls his role in the blockbuster series Top Gun Maverick and Mission Impossible, which have won over audiences all around the world, Karvedt’s distinct perspective comes through. His experience as a fighter pilot gave the aerial passages a true edge, while his work as a stunt pilot contributed a visceral authenticity that ups the tension on screen.Karvedt’s observations through this dialogue promise to be an exhilarating treat for both movie and aviation fans.

The Zoom interview with Scott Karvedt reveals a story that weaves together his real-life experiences with the sparkle and glamour of Hollywood. Karvedt, who has an exceptional history in aviation, collaborated in an unusual way with Tom Cruise on the Mission Impossible and Top Gun Maverick films. Karvedt’s flying abilities elevated the reality of each risky maneuver, giving their partnership an unmatched depth. His most recent book, “Full Throttle,” promises a close examination of his time spent working with Cruise and the rigorous training programs that produced these epic aerial displays. Karvedt’s experiences and observations reveal the effort and accuracy necessary to turn these adrenaline-soaked ideas into reality as fans impatiently anticipate the premiere of Top Gun Maverick.


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