Saying “It Will Create More Noise,” Mauricio Umansky Won’t Watch RHOBH Episodes About His Upcoming Separation


“The founder of The Agency stated that viewers of that show all of them are passionate and they just aren’t aware of it.”

Mauricio Umansky, who has starred with his wife Kyle Richards as a couple since the beginning of the series, is not watching the most recent season of the Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The Agency founder revealed on The Slim Secret Him & Her Podcast podcast that he has chosen not to watch RHOBH this season in order to prevent his marriage to Richards from being “dramatized.”

The 53-year-old star of Buying Beverly Hills said to Michael and Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, his hosts, that he has decided not to read or watch any articles about him that discuss his split.

Umansky remarked, “I know they’re dramatizing everything.” “I am unwilling to see a lot of stuff because it will only make me feel like I’m the one with more opinions and noise.”

“Those who watch the program are all biased, they just aren’t aware of it.” There are two people who disagree with you,” he remarked. “That is incredibly challenging.”

Umansky went on to say that he chooses not to pay attention to what people say about him and uses meditation to quiet the “noise.”

Umansky acknowledged that he has chosen to only “be a part of the Housewives” series, even if he isn’t viewing each installment of the show’s 13th season. “My wife always has it right and when you know, I get off as fast as possible,” he revealed his tactic.

Despite the fact that filming can occasionally be “really hard” and “really awkward,” Umansky said that the male and female RHOBH costars end up becoming “really good friends.”

The TV celebrity also admitted to the hosts that he is aware of the couple’s breakup and doesn’t “need to read the BS.”

“I’ll update all of you when I have a clear plan for my marriage. Everyone may go hike and f— off until then, Umansky continued. “I tell my wife every time. I say to myself, ‘I know what occurs to us.’ It was me who retired to bed. It was me who awakened.

Following 27 years of marriage, PEOPLE revealed in July that Richards, who was 54, and Umansky were divorcing.

“A source connected to the pair revealed as the time that Kyle and Mauricio continue to live underneath the same roof, but they have been separated for some time.” “They are still friendly while they decide what their family’s next steps are.”

Prior to their problems, Umansky had maintained that he and Evans were trying to improve their marriage.

“Our marriage has lasted 27 years. We’re going through a little hard period right now,” he said to PEOPLE on the first of October, adding that “you just have to get through it because sometimes life throws you various things.”


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