Ryan Gosling Criticizes Greta Gerwig on Margot Robbie for Oscar Nominations Barbie Snubs: “Without Barbie, There Would Be No Ken”


Robbie was not nominated for Best Actress, and Gerwig was not for Best Director.

Following the announcement of this year’s Oscar nominees, Ryan Gosling is unsure of his thoughts.

Gosling, 43, was upset that Greta Gerwig, who was not nominated for Best Director, and Margot Robbie, who wasn’t included in the Best Actress category, were not included in the Best Supporting Actor category on Tuesday, even though he received a nomination for his role in Barbie.

“Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie are the driving forces behind this monumental, internationally acclaimed film. Without them, there would be no Barbie and no Ken. In a statement made public to PEOPLE, Ryan Gosling stated, “Without their talent, grit, and genius, no acknowledgment was attainable for anyone within this film.”

Expressing disappointment over their lack of nomination in their various categories, in his words, “would constitute and understatement.”

“Against all odds, they made history, broke our hearts, made us laugh, and defied society with nothing more than a few soulless, skimpily dressed, and mercifully crotchless dolls. In addition to the other incredibly worthy nominees, their efforts should be acknowledged,” he said in his statement.

The Best Original Screenplay award went to Gerwig and her spouse, Noah Baumbach. Nominations for the record-breaking movie were also received in the production design and costume design categories. Producers Robbie Brenner, David Hyman, the couple’s partner Tom Ackerly, and Robbie were all nominated for Best Picture.

In addition to being nominated twice for Best Musical Song, America Ferrera was also nominated for Best Supporting Actress.

In addition to congratulating Ferrera, Gosling announced that he was nominated for “playing an inflatable doll named Ken.”

In a year with so many outstanding films, it is truly an honor for me to be recognized by others who work among such exceptional talents. In addition, I’m really humbled and pleased that it’s for playing an inflatable doll called Ken, something I never thought I’d be saying,” his statement said.

Similar to Gosling, Ferrera expressed her dissatisfaction with the nominations to Variety, saying, “Greta did nearly every thing a movie producer might have done to deserve it.”

“Building this universe, and taking an idea that most people didn’t find valuable in the first place and turning it into a worldwide sensation. Not seeing her on that list is disappointing,” Ferrera continued.


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