Robyn of Sister Wives broke into tears after Kody and Meri announced their official divorce in front of her


In an abridged tease for the upcoming episode, Robyn states, “I planned to sit on a balcony with my sister spouses,” while crying.

Robyn Brown took the breakup of Kody and Meri Brown the hardest.

The OG Brown family pair came to a significant decision in a behind-the-scenes look at Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives: they’re prepared to call it quits on their union.

When Meri writes in a confessional that Robyn, 45, is prepared to “advocate” on her behalf in order to prevent her marriage from disintegrating much further, Meri says, “I’m refusing to retract what I must do.”

The following clip shows Meri looking distraught and keeping her head down while 54-year-old Kody talks to her regarding their future. “You desire something that we are unable to share,” the patriarch of the Brown family remarks.

As a result of this statement, Robyn, who was also there for the talk, becomes upset and starts crying. Kody notes to the camera that Robyn joined the family “in particular to live plural marriage,” so he can see why the fourth spouse is upset.

Robyn explains, “I planned to sit on an outdoor space with my sister partners,” her voice trembling and her eyes streaming with sorrow.

“This seems to be the final phase of our plural marriage,” Kody continues. Following that, a close-up of Meri and Robin holding hands is shown in the last picture.

In the teaser, Janelle Brown is also seen discussing her own future in polygamy with the brothers of Christine Brown, pointing out that they “had been raised into an atmosphere when married is forever.” But she says to the cameras separately, “I still consider Kody to be my spiritual spouse. I mean, I have no idea how to get divorced in that manner.”

In a span of just 14 months, Kody’s unions with Christine, who was 51, Janelle, 54, and Meri, who is 52, all fell apart. He is currently Robyn’s monogamous partner.

As Sister Wives’ season 18 has gone on, viewers have seen how his three marriages have fallen apart and how he has moved on with Robyn on his own. Aspects of Kody’s complex connections with his kids have also been highlighted, such as his distance from his sons from Janelle.

In particular, he and Meri, who announced their divorce in the month of January after 32 years of marriage, have had difficulties over the past few years in their marriage. After a woman acting as a male admirer catfished Meri, their marriage never recovered.

When Kody later said he had “no want” to “have an affair” with Meri during their celebration of their 32nd wedding anniversary, the single mother began to consider her options.


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