Robyn from Sister Wives leaves the lookback special and explains why she would have “probably backed away” from Kody


In Sunday’s ‘Sister Wives’ episode, the heads of the Brown family also addressed Kody’s apparent partiality toward Robyn.

Robyn Brown continues to struggle to let go of the future she had in mind for her now-shattered family.

During the Sunday Sister Wives Look Back: How It Started special, the five heads of the Brown family discussed their most dramatic and heartbreaking experiences from the past. However, there was one specific instance that made Robyn completely crazy.

The 45-year-old mom of five saw a clip from the Brown family’s 2013 dedication celebration at the end of the program, where they launched their family mission statement and celebrated their commitment to developing as a unit. Robyn started crying as soon as she saw the video, and she eventually broke down completely.

“I’m unable to watch this. How do I put an end to it? She remarked, “I can’t watch this.” “I’m unable to watch this. I apologize.

After that, Robyn got up from her chair, took off her microphone, and left the stage. Next came a title card that said, “To be continued…”

The Brown family had been struggling for a long time, but when Kody Brown’s third wife, Christine Brown, declared in November 2021 that she was leaving the multiple marriage, things took a disastrous turn. Within 14 months, Kody’s first wife Meri Brown and second wife Janelle Brown also left, leaving Robyn as the patriarch of the Brown family’s lone surviving wife.

His other three wives have pointed out Kody’s apparent preference toward Robyn at various times, which was a contributing factor in the family’s eventual downfall.

The spouses were “all equal” in Kody’s eyes before Robyn joined the picture, Christine, 51, observed during Sunday’s program. “I sensed they were unique,” Christine remarked, referring to their relationship as a “soul mate scenario.”

When a new wife joins the family, Janelle, 54, said that “adjustments” and “growing pains” are typical. Meri, 52, responded that it is possible to “be OK with a different wife in the household and also feel jealousy.” Kody, 54, believed that Robyn was the subject of constant “complaining” over his “special” bond.

Now that Kody was saying he was only ever in love with Robyn, Meri wondered if he had been “lying” before about his fondness for both of these women or if he was merely “trying.” to make it fit his narrative to justify where he is now.”

When it came to his preference for her, Robyn revealed something unexpected.

Men who are married to multiple women seem to have a propensity to lean toward one or two of them. I’ve always believed it to be harmful,” she remarked. “If I might seen him display bias or not be truthful, I will have really likely backed out of it really fast.”

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