RHOBH: After accusing Mauricio of fabricating “excuses” to avoid being present, Kyle gives him a “taste of his own medicine”


Kyle Richards expressed her frustration with the “whispering” surrounding her marriage to Mauricio Umansky on Wednesday’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” claiming she felt like people were “analyzing every move.”

In return, Kyle Richards is doing Mauricio Umansky, her husband, a favor.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills mainstay, 55, provided viewers with a more in-depth look at her marriage on Wednesday’s show. As she recounted the events of her late closest companion Lorene Shea’s memorial service, Sutton Stracke questioned Kyle about Mauricio’s absence.

Despite Kyle’s explanation that the founder of the Agency couldn’t attend the event due to a business trip, Sutton threw a covert jab at Mauricio by telling the cameras she didn’t accept his “excuse”.

She clarified, “I’m not accepting Mo’s excuse.” You turn up for the relatives of your wife and her deceased closest friend, unless you are dead in a ditch or in the hospital.

Even though Mauricio was not there at Lorene’s memorial service, he went with his spouse to herself Kemsley’s “Homeless Nor Toothless” benefit event. Mauricio requested his spouse to fill them in on the items he overlooked while they were on the drive. Kyle acknowledged that the gift would have been greatly appreciated, yet she knew why he was unable to go.

If he had suddenly shown up for Lorene’s event, would it have symbolized anything to me? Rhetorical, she said in a contrite tone. It would have, of course; after all, he was also close to her.

During their talk, Kyle revealed a shocking detail regarding her girls’ vacation to Spain when Mauricio inquired about her future travel plans. When she revealed the news, the real estate tycoon gave a startled look.

She told the cameras, To be honest, it’s something of a dose of his own medication since he frequently says things like, “Oh, I’m going to Portugal, I forgot to tell you!” out of the blue. My destination is Chicago.

She continued, “I am not really given a heads up.” “So… oops!”

As the pair walked the red carpet & posed for photos, Kyle disclosed that she was usually a little nervous about attending “one of those events.”

She added in a confessional, “There’s a lot of talking and monitoring Mauricio and me.” which seems incredibly odd. Every motion and hand gesture is being studied by them.

Eventually, the two settled into chairs next to Sutton. Mauricio made fun of his wife’s dispute with newbie Annemarie Wiley as he greeted her old buddy.

“Really?” In a confessional, Sutton questioned. Okay, Mauricio. You are able to attend the ‘Homeless Not Toothless’ event, but you are unable to attend your wife’s celebration of life event? That is not right.

In their marriage, Kyle and Mauricio faced several difficulties. Following 27 years of marriage, the couple’s separation was officially announced by PEOPLE in July 2022. A few hours later, the couple finally spoke out, admitting that it had been the “most challenging year in their marriage.”

Regarding the information that was released about us today… Richards posted on Instagram, saying that any suggestions that they are divorcing are false. Yes, it has been a difficult year. the hardest one we’ve had together. However, we respect and adore each other.

Mauricio has maintained that he and Kyle were improving their relationship and had no intention of divorcing despite their problems. Our marriage lasted for 27 years. In October 2023, he said to PEOPLE, “We’re going through a little rough patch. Occasionally life tosses you different things, and you gotta work through it.”

Up until that point, the founder of the Agency gave an explanation for why he chose not to watch the current episode of RHOBH in order to prevent witnessing the “dramatization” of his marriage.

The following month, he appeared on The Slim Secret Him & She Podcast podcast and stated, “I know that one is describing everything.” I don’t really want to view a lot of things because they will only make me feel more opinionated and noisy.

“Those who watch the program are all biased, they just aren’t aware of it.” The people who disagree with you are two human beings. That is extremely challenging,” he remarked.

Bravo broadcasts the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on television every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET.


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