Reneé Rapp wears Puma sneakers in the “Pretty Girls” clip directed by Cara Delevingne


“Snow Angel,” Reneé Rapp’s debut album, is now available. And along with it, she released a brand-new music video for her most recent track, “Pretty Girls.”

Rapp appears in a variety of outfits in the music video, which was written and directed by Cara Delevingne. Her standout ensemble is a yellow set with a geometric design that she wears with Puma sneakers.

Rapp likes the Puma brand even though she isn’t an official brand spokesperson (director Delevingne is).

She is shown wearing the Palermo sneaker in the movie “Pretty Girls,” which has close-up shots of the shoe in blue and orange. The price of the style is presently $100.

As the blonde sings about females with partners who simply desire to kiss other girls following a few beverages Rapp, who is out queer, encounters her there. The two may then be seen embracing in bed, on a roof, and while playing pool in a number of montages, but each one ends with the person she loves embracing someone else.

“In the morning, all the attractive girls behave as though it never occurred. Yes, it is both a blessing and a burden. So keep acting like a gorgeous girl,” the song’s lyrics said.

The singer will start her “Snow Hard Feelings” world tour the following month.


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